Media Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Media Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John knows the industry about as well as anyone doing media currently.
John is very well connected in the media industry.
John knows the media industry inside and out.
Nobody I have come across in the industry knows more about media and he can quickly lean into new media.
John has been around, and knows everyone in the media so you need him on your side.
If you need someone to help you get into the media he's the go-to guy.
Social media isn't going anywhere and is only getting more important.
He knows everything you need to know and do in media selling.
He knows the who's who of media and Motorsports.
John was my inspiration for getting into the media.
John knows his way around social media.
John knows what the media wants and needs.
John is very knowledgeable about the media and telecommunication industries.
I would recommend his services to anyone looking within the media industry.
John is well respected and liked by his colleagues in the media industry.
He knows the industry, the startups, the media and the influencers.
One important thing to have especially in the social media industry.
His knowledge of the media industry is second to none.
He has great industry and media connections.
John is one of the best executives in the industry of online media.
John is one of the best media buyers I know in the industry.
John has to be one of the most knowledgeable people in the media industry.
He is extremely knowledgeable in the media industry and has the ears of many media execs.
John knows what the media needs because he's been on the other side of the fence.
John is one of the most knows more about online media than most of us ever will.
Highly recommended if you want to know anything and everything about social media.
John has always been very thorough and detailed in all of his media executions.
He knows his media well and knows how to get the best results for his company.
His enthusiasm for using new media always keeps him ahead of competitors.
He knows what he is doing when it comes to media and speaker training.
John has always been at the forefront of the media landscape.
John is as comfortable with new media as he is with traditional.
He definitely knows the media and mobile, and how the two intersect.
Would recommend, especially to those new to this social media.
John is second to none when it comes to social media training.
John definitely knows his ropes when it comes to social media.
John is always on top of changes in the media landscape.
John is dedicated and knowledgeable in all things media.
Definitely looking forward to his advice on social media.
I am so happy with what you've done for me on social media.
I look forward to taking more of him social media classes.
John knows social media as well as anyone on the planet.
John is knowledgeable and passionate about new media.
I was amazed at how much he knows about social media.
He is very inspirational and he knows social media.
Really knows his stuff when it comes to social media.
John knows social media like the back of his hand.
John can guide you to use the media effectively.
John knows the media space like the back of his hand.
He has become one of our go-to social media experts.
John certainly knows his stuff with social media.
I will always have him on my team for social media.
He was always approachable and very media friendly.
John is the go-to guy for all things social media.
John has been helping us with our social media.
John is one of the few, true new media experts.
I would recommend him if you need media services.
I especially value his knowledge in social media.
John has also taught me much about social media.
John would be an asset to any media department.
He gets it, is smart about the media industry and know what it takes to get things done.
He's very well respected in both the tourism industry and with the media directly.
John's ascent within the media industry was neither by coincidence nor luck.
John is an entrepreneurial innovator who has expertise in the media industry.
More importantly, he really grasped what the media expected of him industry.
John is a veteran in the media industry and actually needs no introduction.
This allows him to spot industry trends much earlier than most in the media.
John's passion and enthusiasm for the industry and media is admirable.
His insights and perspectives are sought after by the media industry.
What he doesn't know about industry media simply isn't worth knowing.
His proven success transition across industries from the media industry to take impressed him.
He knows the media and entertainment industry very, very well.
John's understanding of the media industry and its direction is truly staggering.
His dedication to the advancement of the media industry is what sets him apart from the rest.
This is a reflection of his dedication and also and his proven value to the media industry.
Therefore had credibility with all the levels of the media industry, he was dealing with.
He has extensive experience of media and in particular the music industry.
He has excellent contacts in the media industry and is highly respected.
Him connections helped us get media attention and industry attraction.
He is driven, and has a deep understanding of the media industry.
Not only is he an industry expert, but he is also an incredible media spokesperson for the our company.
He's been in the industry over a decade with major industry connections to get ample traditional and new media placements.
Your background as a media professional and media our company is much welcome in the media academia.
John has media relationships across multiple industries, and he will deliver tons of media coverage for you.
John's thirst to keep up with the ever changing new media industry has appeared inexhaustible.
John offers exceptional insight into the media & broadcast industry.
John has a wealth of experience in all areas of the media industry.
His prior experiences in the media industry help his students to understand the industry in a better way.
John is knowledgeable about the media industry and has built some excellent media relationships over the last few years.
John has been more than a vendor of online media he has been an anchor for the industry.
He is also very good and familiar with online media that he can use this media effectively.
John is someone you should follow on the various media in which he appears.
He cares, and that is what makes him one of the best in the media
He truly has a passion for entertainment and media - always on the pulse of what is up and coming in the industry.
John also has an enviable depth of influence and contacts within the media and entertainment industry.
He's done it repeatedly in the media industry, government, startups, and even during a pandemic.
Him ability to forecast and leverage trends in the media industry is exceptional.
He stays on top of industry trends and all things social media.
This included exclusives in our company, our company and industry media.
His commitment to media transparency and media performance is uncanny.
He has great media relationships which are extremely valuable in this industry.
His talents would translate to success in multiple industries, not just media.
John is one of those people that on the surface you think he just gets media.
He knows the industry like the back of his hand, his dedication to social media and its uses are astounding.
He ensured that the funds were spent wisely using the best media vehicles in our industry.
His breadth of knowledge about the media industry and culture was always illuminating.
John knows what he is talking about and has incredible knowledge and expertise in the media industry.
He knows the new media industry, and has a passion for people and entrepreneurial endeavour.
John is an articulate individual with a drive to succeed in the media industry.
His experience includes both the print media as well as social media.
John is a true cross-media animal, he gets media and content intuitively, especially new-media.
This is also due to his strong, deep knowledge about the media industry and media technologies.
Plus, he inspired him to use our company for his branding growth in the media industry.
John clearly has the know how and industry knowledge to get clients media coverage.
His success in the media and fitness industries are testament to that.
With his knowledge of industry standards and connections within the media industry, he is able to go above and beyond the expectations of clients.
As a client, you'll find him to be extremely knowledgeable in the media industry, as well as your industry and competitors.
Always seeking to learn the new and upcoming dynamics of our media industry to keep himself ahead.
His experience and successes in the media industry speak to him leadership attributes.
Our company professional and organised, John perfectly knows his job and the new media industry.
He knows the industry and his trade inside-out, which is handy working across all platforms and media.
John has also utilised media coverage within the industry optimising trade relations.
He's been an asset in his life through all channels of media.
Him a knowledge of and connections with the digital media industry are unbelievable and, honestly, unmatched in this industry.
John demonstrated strong leadership within the media industry; and he continues to do so within his new organisation, particularly around the value of media marketing.
The day has been the reason of him being in this media industry, he is the one who gave him the first chance to experience this wonderful world.
He's completely trustworthy and very memorable which obviously goes a long way in this industry, particularly on the media side.
He knows social media inside and out, follows the trends and emerging channels, and can see where the industry is moving.
Through this we quickly establish what was needed to raise his profile with the media and other industry influencers.
John's level of expertise in the media industry will serve as an asset at the next organization he joins.
He always maintained a clear understanding of ongoing changes in the industry and of new media options.
His media decks are extremely thorough, current, and they always reflect current trends in the industry.
We ended up having a great conversation that made him reflect on the media industry and his future.
He's a key player in the media industry and it's great to see him achieving more milestones.
Not only is he an innovator within his industry, he is a pioneer of social media tactics.
John is an excellent professional with very good contacts in the media and the industry.
John is an excellent media trainer and has great perspective on the industry.
His global media perspective brings a lot of value addition to our industry.
John is, without any doubt, a woman in the industry who rocks social media.
John brought an opensource vision of a website in a media industry.
John provided an excellent vision of how the media industry is converging and what form a future world of orchestrated media may take.
John created and implemented strategies that are now being adopted across the media industry.
John knows how to get and keep the attention of industry partners, customers and even other members of the media.
He also has a strong background in media, entertainment, and sports industry and is well regarded by customers and industry peers.
John creativity and passion for the media industry fuel his willingness to take on new challenges.
John prepared this conference very well using new media like videos and social media.
His extensive media experience gives him clients an edge in getting media coverage.
He knows the media industry and is well regarded by many of its senior figures - who are also friends.
His enthusiasm and insights make him a valuable resource for anyone in the media industry.
He's one of the media best kept secrets and more people need to know about this.