Media Planner Performance Review Phrases Examples

Media Planner Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He understands new media the way he understands old media- it's all about the relationship.
He totally gets the intersection of traditional broadcast media and new media.
John's special ability though is his know-how on cutting through the chaff of media planner noise.
Him determination, temperament, and leadership abilities made him such an effective media planner.
John is one of the few that "gets" new media and entertainment.
John of successful media placement (and truly knowing what the media are looking for).
He would be a tremendous asset to any media (or non-media) organization.
Add to it the fact that he has oodles of energy, you got one of helluva media planners
His media relationships and very well thought out media briefings are terrific.
With his eyes closed and an arm tied behind his back, he is a stand out media planner.
His strength does not only lies in print media, but new media as well.
Assay knows the new media environment very well, and would definitely get his recommendation
John would be more than an asset to any media company, he would become their star.
There is no comparison, he is the best when it comes to media buying and placement.
He would be an asset in any organization, but particularly one in the media world.
John certainly uses him again to make the most of other social media platforms.
He'd be his first choice for representation in entertainment and media.
He gets the modern media environment and how to make the most of it.
He knows how to pitch the media without being pushy and demanding.
He gives organizations the best chance for success in the media.
He also has extensive contacts in government and in the media.
His experience and connections with the media are impressive.
John has been a client of mine for a few years and he is one of his favorite media planners.
John's ability to reach out to the media proved valuable for the growth our media coverage.
He's actually been using social media since long before it was even called social media.
John has always been at the forefront of the media landscape.
With his vast media connections and relationships, he knows the in-and-out of how you can get media exposure instantly.
He understands the media landscape and always looks for ways to give the media what they want.
Digital media was almost non-existent and he quickly saw that print media distribution was stagnant.
He's a phenomenal media planner and just so great to work with.
John is a proficient and highly regarded digital media planner.
John's enthusiasm and sincerity come through in every interaction he has with the media.
John knows just about everything there is to know about the digital media space.
He knows his stuff and can really help you get the most out of digital media.
Isson is not only his superior, but also his mentor in media and journalism.
John knows everyone and anyone in the media who is interested in games.
He goes above and beyond that with a hands-on approach to all media.
John became his mentor in all things our company and, most importantly, all things media.
Damaso is one of the "gurus" of our company media and broadcasting.
He's a talented, knowledgeable media planner who knows how to get results.
He can demonstrate the value of social media to those with little social media experience.
John's expertise in digital media puts him on the cutting edge of media.
As an early adopter of our company and other social media, he understands new media and how they integrate with traditional media.