Media Relations Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Media Relations Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

There is much to be learned by his approach to media relations.
He set a great example to follow in both media relations and client relations.
John is off-the-charts creative and out-of-the-box strategic in media and media relations.
I am certain that he would make an excellent candidate, for whatever media-related positions for which he applies.
He maintains excellent relations with the media and is well respected by all who know him.
He has amazed me on numerous occasions with his depth of all things media related.
He is also very competitive and has a solid understanding of media relations.
John will be a valuable addition to any media related endeavor.
He managed to sustain a good share of ink as well as strong media relations.
A strong writer with good instincts and media relations savvy, he knows how to manage both traditional and social media relations initiatives.
This allows him to better manage his team and relate to them and be seen equally instead of as a manager.
He knows what we're going through, he relates to it, he's been there himself.
Most of these stories were against him, to which all of us related.
John is very relational and gets along well with almost everyone.
He always went above and beyond in relating to those around him.
He also managed the media relations of all event communications.
He provides very sound, logical and clear media relations advice.
John provided great guidance in both proactive positive media relations, as well as those times when handling the media was needed.
He helped us improve our messages and make better use of media relations.
His passion for media relations and analyst relations was contagious.
John' management of the media relations was flawless leading to coverage well above expectations.
John is an excellent writer, task manager and media relations practitioner.
John has a positive attitude, manages clients well and has strong media relations.
John took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew about media relations, client relations, social media, writing and more.
He is an expert in everything related to the new forms of media and their impact in the journalism profession.
He is stringent and considered in his approach and has his finger on the pulse with media relations.
I am happy to recommend him for any media relations opportunity or conference/event need.
He handled media relations for us under varying circumstances with coolness and aplomb.
He has proven himself an expert in media relations involving difficult situations.
Particularly enjoyed his candid demeanour approach to handling media relations.
He has a keen eye for "seeing around the corner" in regard to issues management and media relations.
He knows how to work media relations to get the story out of his organization.
Effective media relations demonstrate his experience and success.
John is the best when it comes to managing and building university relations.
He provided all of the media relations support for me over the past four years.
John is detail-oriented and goes out of his way to achieve results in media relations.
For all his years of experience, he has the answers to most media-related questions.
His media relations savvy are bolstered by his journalism experience.
His extensive media relations experience likewise has been an asset.
John was one of the best media relations people who has worked for me.
The thing that stands out about him is, although he's someone who's very quiet he's actually very relatable.
He truly is an expert that relates well to others and is always going out of his way to help.
He knows all there is to know about his profession and anything relating to it.
He has connections everywhere and really knows how to relate with others.
John is great at what he does and relates very well to his audience.
He was always the go to guy about anything related to almost anything.
He made it easy to relate to him, while being very inspirational.
He is always looking to be updated in relation to his profession.
I definitely recommend him in this and many other related roles.
John is much more than a simple media relations professional.
John is the man we want running the media relations show when one of our client's requires public relations media savvy.
Experienced in all facets of communication, stakeholder management and media relations, he managed planning while also delivering.
John excels in media relations and approaches every task with determination and enthusiasm.
He manages tough clients well, and delivers steady and consistent media relations results.
I know so much more about media relations as a result of having worked with him.
Also, he built great media relations and made our work impactful.
He was smart, savvy, strategic and fantastic at media relations.
I learnt so much from him across account management, media relations and copywriting.
He has a strong understanding of media analysis, public relations, and the media landscape.
He serves as the go-to person for all new media related questions.