Media Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Media Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has been around, and knows everyone in the media so you need him on your side.
If you need someone to help you get into the media he's the go-to guy.
Social media isn't going anywhere and is only getting more important.
He knows everything you need to know and do in media selling.
We clearly see the value of using the online media.
John was my inspiration for getting into the media.
John knows what the media wants and needs.
John is very skilled in social media consulting.
His media, social media and PR skills are exceptional.
John knows media sales better than most, as he's still actually selling media today.
John knows what the media needs because he's been on the other side of the fence.
John is one of the most knows more about online media than most of us ever will.
Highly recommended if you want to know anything and everything about social media.
John has always been very thorough and detailed in all of his media executions.
He knows his media well and knows how to get the best results for his company.
John is a new media guru who knows everything about media communications.
John knows the industry about as well as anyone doing media currently.
He knows what he is doing when it comes to media and speaker training.
John has always been at the forefront of the media landscape.
He definitely knows the media and mobile, and how the two intersect.
Would recommend, especially to those new to this social media.
John is always on top of changes in the media landscape.
John is dedicated and knowledgeable in all things media.
I am so happy with what you've done for me on social media.
John knows social media as well as anyone on the planet.
Excellent and knowledgeable in all fields of new media.
John is knowledgeable and passionate about new media.
He is very inspirational and he knows social media.
John is very informative on all things social media.
Really knows his stuff when it comes to social media.
John can guide you to use the media effectively.
John knows the media space like the back of his hand.
He has become one of our go-to social media experts.
I will always have him on my team for social media.
I am back in media sales and sure wish he was too.
John is very well connected in the media industry.
He was always approachable and very media friendly.
John is my go-to resource for media monitoring.
John knows the media industry inside and out.
Financial media are lucky to have him in the field.
John is one of the cornerstones of digital media.
John is my go-to for any executive media training.
John has been helping us with our social media.
John is one of the few, true new media experts.
I would recommend him if you need media services.
You need social media now more than ever before.
John would be an asset to any media department.
I found him media recommendations very accurate.
He knows how to use social media to get results.
He is the best in town yet on media strategies.
John was truly an evangelist for social media.
He is also very well-versed with social media.
John is one of the smartest people in media.
He was an editor in different media companies.
John has taken social media to the next level.
John is an expert in all things social media.
When it comes to digital media he's your guy.
John is the go-to guy for interactive media.
John is truly an online media evangelist.
John has an intuitive grasp of new media.
As a skilled storyteller, he knows how to use his media skills effectively in traditional, mainstream or new web/social media networks.
John's skills and connections with the media have proven invaluable.
With the social media skills he has, he really knows what he's doing.
John is a huge help to him in helping him with his media skills.
In addition, he reinforced his skills with tried and true media.
He brings much more to the table than excellent media skills.
His visual skills and media skills, helped him to perform at his best.
Si has always impressed him with is knowledge and skill with all things media.
As well as excellent media contacts, he has very strong social media and writing skills.
John has extensive knowledge and skills in new media (including social media).
He has various skills which also cover both print and broadcasting media.
His skills have proven to always be one step ahead of the pulse of the media for which he is involved.
He's an extremely skilled media practitioners that get what's needed in different situations.
He knows media very well, and him communication/negotiation skill impressed him a lot.
It's not just him social media skills that impress him, however.
John is also skilled at establishing and maintaining media relationships.
He has great interpersonal skills, both with clients and the media.
His skills on media strategies, media conceptualising and design are great.
His organizational skills for events and media are extraordinary.
He demonstrated excellent skill and creativity with various media.
He always likes to learn something new, and now he's trying to go into the social media to improve more skill.
His expertise and skills in the media field are unprecedented.
John's skills are highly transferable to different kinds of media environments where he would thrive.
He seems tireless in his efforts to help us grow, especially around our social media skills.
Not only are his interpersonal skills, exceptional but so is him social media prowess.
Most recently, he has augmented his skills with very strong social media experience.
John comes with exceptional skills and experience in media planning and buying.
John's extensive social media skills were beyond valuable to us.
His social media workshops are excellent for all skill levels.
John's skill as a multi-media guru exceeded our expectations.
Our company his media prowess, perhaps John's greatest attributes is his interpersonal skills.
John matches him clients to their media avenues with skill and precision.
He helped them polish their skills in communicating with the media.
John's skills in organization and media awareness make him an asset to any team.
John will be an asset to any organization that is looking for someone with great people skills and media experience.
In addition, his strong presentation skills wow many audiences as well as the media.
His presentation skills regarding social media were very entertaining and real.
John has excellent writing skills and knows how to sell a story into the media.
He's got great political instincts and skills in working with the media.
John has a plethora of experience and skills in digital media.
John is skilled at working with the media, efficient and responsible.
His knowledge, enthusiasm and incredible media skills make him a must for any company that needs national media coverage.
His skill with social media analytics complements perfectly what we do with digital media.
John's expertise in the rich media space is unparalleled with leadership skills to match.
Because of him expert skills and advise we have experienced growth through social media.
He greatly improved on his already strong multimedia skills in his internship with us.
He has the skills, wit and experience to help you navigate the seas of social media.
He's known social media and his skills, well organized and detail oriented.
John is a dedicated and skilled new media professional, who knows his stuff.
His diverse skill set allows him to excel in a variety of media environments.
His experience and skills are absolutely key when preparing a media tour.
He retains a skill set that transcends traditional roles within the media
This, coupled with his understanding of the issues and his social media skills, makes his a valuable asset to any serious media organisation.
His social media skills were highly regarded, and he helped us think differently about how to approach social media.
John has strong communication skills and an excellent knowledge of media and media relations.
John's skills would be useful in any organization that wants to take advantage of the benefits of social media.
He's a skilled communicator who "gets it, " including new media.
He applies his media relations skills well and is always seeking to learn more.
His drawing skills are second-to-none and he translates those illustrations well to whatever final media are required (web, print, other media).
Moreover, his social media skills are strong and his team consider him as an expert.
His skills are critical for publishers of both print and digital media.
He knows so much about social media that there is nobody else out there who can match his set of skills and knowledge.
John's media relations skills outshine those of staffers with considerably more years under their belts.
His artwork is above any standard and he has exceptional skills in both digital and traditional media.
John's media relations skills are extraordinary and he is amazing positive force in the workplace.
His strengths are many, but the two that really shine are his people skills and social media prowess.
John's media relations skills shine through in his approach to journalists and stakeholders alike.
Him media relations skills are second to none, and his instinct for a good story is unparalleled.
This is evidenced by his understanding and skills in new media, especially digital and social.
His skills in media relations and his knack for pitching are just a couple of his strengths.
Despite his strong media knowledge and skill set, he is rather humble and willing to share.
John also had a great interest in social media and was particularly skilled in this area.
John is deeply knowledgeable about cybersecurity, and has great media handling skills.
This makes him media savvy and skilled at crafting messages for both public and press.
His social media skills, broaden his reach, enabling him to help even more people.
John's strategic planning and media relations skills are impeccable.
He is an excellent writer with fantastic media relations skills.
He also uses these skills to craft media releases that get read and knows how to pitch them to journalists.
His diversity of skills in all formats of media, including social media provides him the ability to show off his marketing skills to everyone.
John is an expert on the media landscape with particular skill in the digital space.
He has many valuable skills, especially in the area of social media and analytics.
Second, his skill with digital media, and communication is second to none.
He taught him valuable media skills and how to work with clients.
He also has a vast network of media contacts and is skilled at getting interviews, reviews and media bites.
Him confidence with social media tools are another great plus for him skills set.
His skill set goes far beyond bricks and mortar media planning and strategy.
He's spent the last year, our company up on social media strategy and tactics.
His skill sets when it comes to social media and networking are amazing.
He kept them engaged throughout the presentation with a variety of exercises and multi-media presentations that improved their media skills.