Medical Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Medical Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John would be an extremely useful clinician in the medical device or pharmaceutical industry.
Marketing our company recently in the medical device industry and was really pleased with the results.
He understands very well the pharma and medical industry, but thanks to his portfolio he can easily use his knowledge in any industry.
This not only comes from his clear awareness of the medical industry, but his understanding of people.
If you are working in the medical device industry, he is someone that you should know.
His scientific, medical and industry knowledge was second to none.
His ability to grasp any given subject in the medical industry is beyond comparison with his counterparts.
John provides the medical device industry with very insightful, helpful, and timely articles.
It has been a wonderful way to expand his medical industry editing experience.
Furthermore, despite his medical background, he has also grasped commercial aspects of the industry.
His knowledge of and expertise in the medical device industry is exceptional.
His experience in and knowledge of the air medical industry is unrivaled.
Though new to medical diagnostics, he quickly learned our industry and the positions/functions he was assigned.
Although sidelined for medical reasons, his interest and involvement in the industry was, amazingly, never dampened.
He understands the industry and the needs of today's pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies.
He understands what it takes to achieve success in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry.
In his book, he's the top expert in the country on the medical spa industry.
His leadership delights high profile medical and industrial customers.
Though the medical industry is his thing, he would probably be able to work in any industry, as the skills he is transferable.
John also has a thorough technical background which is very necessary, especially in the medical device industry.
He is very familiar with the medical industry and is a pleasure to work with.
He is totally knowledgeable about the our company medical healthcare industry.
Not only does he have an extensive knowledge of the group medical industry, but also the non-medical lines of coverage as well.
His attention to detail in this ever evolving medical industry is just the "right medication" for practices that struggle to stay competitive.
His desire to listen and always learn is passed on to the many medical salespeople he touches in the industry.
His abilities and skills are well suited to the medical device industry and other government regulated industries.
John's passion and proven success in the medical device industry is clearly shown through his entrepreneurial pursuit.
He brought a lot of experience as well as interesting stories from his medical industry experiences.
His long tenure with our company and experience in this industry would make him an asset to any company in the medical software industry.