Medical Information Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Medical Information Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I found him to be very well informed, insightful and very responsive to my queries for information and advice.
He is informed and balanced, and puts out really thoughtful, relevant, and useful information.
I always look forward to listening to him and always come away with useful information.
Shows up when he says he will and gets back to you with follow up information.
John always took responsibility to get things done and kept me well informed.
He always kept them well informed and followed through on his commitments.
I have always found him to be an intuitive and well informed.
John was always a team player passing on informative medical articles regarding competition and information from our medical affairs department.
They trust him to keep them informed and give them exclusive access the information.
John has always been available when you need information and guidance.
He is exceptional at relaying information and getting his colleagues to understand information and concepts.
The information he passed on was both informative, easily understandable and completely right.
John is an extremely knowledgeable and well-rounded information specialist.
He would determine what the best thing to do was, and go ahead and do it while keeping me informed.
He made sure that if they ran into the same problems, they would know where to go for information.
You give him something to do, there is no need to follow up, cause he keeps you informed.
We don't have to follow up for information as he always provides us with updates.
He is always willing to help others with information, while not pressuring anyone.
He has always provided the right information, even under the tightest deadlines.
For example, he was one of the few who consistently contacted me to keep me informed.
John knows and who doesn't want that kind of inside information on their side?.
John was always well informed and responsive to the needs of those around him.
He was responsive to our needs for forthcoming with help and information.
He was always responsive and provided the information that was required.
He was very thorough in his approach, informative and collaborative.
He can extract those information which others could not even imagine.
He always made sure we were given complete and accurate information.
I come away from every conversation with him energized and informed.
John keeps up with trends and keeps you informed of what's to come.
He is responsive, predictable and always keeps me well informed.
He always did what it took to get information or solve problems.
The information he provided has already given me great results.
He is friendly and informative, and can think outside the box.
By dealing with him, you will be kept informed and connected.
He was considerate of the many demands placed on how information should be displayed, and when to cull information that wasn't necessary.
He is very responsive to requests for information and always returns excellent studied information.
He continuously went out of his way to make sure we got the information and help we needed.
The information and guidance he provides is above and beyond the norm.
I can't thank him enough for sharing him information with our members.
He required very little guidance, but kept me very well informed.
His understanding of medical aesthetics is vast and he has no problem sharing that information with his colleagues.
He both come to a story with strong, informed opinions and is open to new information and ideas.
John knows how to get things done through both formal and informal channels.
He keeps them informed on what's important to them when they need to know it.
If he does not have the information right at hand, he follows up right after the meeting.
He is always organized, available to help, and full of information.
Several participants went out of their way after the session to tell him that they found the session to be very informative.
The information he provided me with will help me fast track myself in what would have otherwise taken me so much longer.
He can answer most questions, and the ones he cannot he knows who to confer with to get the necessary information.
John was quite insightful and provided me with all the necessary information to make an effective search.
John was always on top of things and made sure we had our information together as a supplier.
John provided all information requested and was always attentive to our needs and requests.
He also comes to seek advice when he needs to and keep you well informed about his progress.
He goes out of his way to fully inform his colleagues and keep everyone on the same page.
John will make sure you have all the tools and information you need to be successful.
And if you don't need him right now, keep his contact information close for the future.
John has proactively sent information my way when he thought it might be useful to me.
I have participated in several of his workshops and found them informative and useful.
He made the guests feel very welcome, provided them with the information they needed.
Very conscientious he will always keep you informed re the progress of the brief.