Medical Practice Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Medical Practice Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is quite dependable as a manager and is very meticulous with management practices.
John has a wealth of experience when it comes to managing a medical practice.
He is an idealist who manages with the practicalities of the situation.
There is so much to learn from him and his management practices.
He is an organized manager with deep and practical background of management methodologies.
John provides cutting edge technology and would add value to any medical practice looking to outsource their medical billing practices.
John is always open to new ideas yet manages to keep things practical and attainable.
He is thorough and practical with on site management of your individual profile.
He is one of those rare managers that is expert in both theory and practice.
As my manager for several years, he consistently practiced what he preached.
It is nice to still have a manager that actually practice what he preaches.
John experienced, and has a very practical way of managing issues.
John is a pragmatic and practical manager who gets things done.
One who is very practical and objective in his management and leadership approach.
Him lessons in time management have been excellent, and very practical.
John is a very dependable, practical and experienced manager.
I have been watching him put together a fantastic medical practice over the past several years.
He has directly helped my medical practice grow from zero awareness to talk of the town.
John is a first responder, not in the medical sense of the word, but practically.
John is an outstanding manager who greatly understands management academically and practically.
He's a connected and insightful manager, practicing what he preaches in employee management.
John is the ideal manager because he understands and practices the idea that people don't want to be managed, they want to be led.
John's knowledge of medical practice management and the revenue cycle was extensive.
Certainly knows what he's about & his practice goes from strength to strength.
Hard working, flexible, and practical, there's nothing he can't handle.
One of the few who has complete thoroughness in what he practices.
John is always willing to help and guide with practical advice.
He always provided best practices to the our company environment.
During my classes he often managed to come up with many new ideas that he successfully put into practice.
John delivers incredible value through his ability to take attention management and make it practical.
I am impressed with his understanding of outsourcing and offshore management best practices.
John provided his expertise on best practices for managing money as an individual or couple.
During his classes he managed to find the right balance between theory and practice.
He believes in decentralised management practices and is focused on his profession.
John manages with ease the practical and theoretical points in any discussion.
John is a dynamic manager who is practical and transparent in his approach.
He is a practical and result oriented manager in his profession.
He is a sensible and smart manager, with a practical approach.
He was insightful and full of practical best practices for individuals in transition.
I can verify his strengths in managing work practices, practices and strategies.
John provided a practical, yet detailed approach to practicing risk management.
He comes up with insights that are truly wonderful, and at the same time manages to be supremely practical.
He has the right balance between theory and best practice, hands-on and management skill.
His passion is infectious yet his advice still manages to be practical and powerful.
He was able to help my medical practice navigate through a chaotic set of circumstances.
John knows the ins and outs of starting a new medical practice and he can help with the daunting task of switching from one practice to another.
He provided attendees with practical advice as well as multiple opportunities to practice what he preached.
He has extensive knowledge of electronic medical records and practice management.
John is an excellent strategist who is extremely knowledgeable about all phases of medical practice management.
He presents great and practical management insights, like what effective leadership and management is all about.
His work is fundamentally important to the future of many changes within medical practice.
He has done a great job managing the web site for my medical practice.
He is responsible and efficient and he really understands and practices the project management best practices.
John practices what he preaches and it shows in everything that he does.
He gives you practical ideas you can take back and start using right away.
He also showed us exactly how doing it with practical notes and slides.
John is especially gifted at separating best practices from nonsense.
His several books on these subjects are both practical and insightful.
His suggestions have an element of practicality and flexibility.
He is humble and practical which sets him apart from all others.