Meeting Coordinator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Meeting Coordinator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

What you see from him on first meeting is exactly what you are going to get to and in between every subsequent meeting.
He stated you have to meet him because he is just someone you need to meet.
He knows how to handle situations and coordinate all kinds of meetings.
He also coordinated amazing quarterly meetings for the company.
He is in-charge of coordinating speakers for weekly meetings.
More importantly, he takes initiative to coordinate meetings.
It comes across in the meetings that he orchestrates, and in the outcomes of those meetings.
John would let you know if you did not meet his expectations and tell you how to meet them.
He will do everything humanly possible to meet his own, and help you meet your, deadlines.
You would never know this when you meet him as he is the most humble guy you'll meet.
John leaves everyone he meets better than they were before meeting him.
He meets-and gets everyone else to meet-every deadline without fail.
He also took on the coordination of our global kick off meetings which were all well received.
He is someone that can be relied upon to always do what is best not only for himself but for everyone he meets.
He always follows things through and for him, delivered on what he said he could do at our first meeting.
He is very thoughtful and always gives his all to be the best he can be for everyone he meets.
So much so, that they were often disappointed when he did not come along to meetings.
He gets along well with everyone he meets and is always willing to help when needed.
You just know you are going to get on well with him from the very moment you meet.
He goes above and beyond to make sure that he has met all of your expectations.
When you meet him, you can tell right away that he is someone you can trust.
He knows someone everywhere and could get into meet with just about anyone.
He always has let him know in advance when he will not be available to meet.
He's not only very likeable, but seems to get on with everyone he meets.
Whenever we meet him, there is something new and something to look for.
John never over promises and goes out of his way for everyone he meets.
John knows everyone and is liked and respected by everyone he meets.
Whenever possible, he will go above and beyond to meet their needs.
Although we do not meet very often, he is always there for friends.
He really gets to know you and makes sure that he meets your needs.
Anyone and everyone who meets him should consider themselves lucky.
Do that and you, too, will get to know him even before you meet him.
One of the biggest things that he does is our one on one meetings.
Oh, and he always made sure our meetings were never without fun.
And last, but certainly not least, he always meets his deadlines.
He goes out of his way to make sure you can meet your deadlines.
Expressive and outgoing, he can get along with anyone he meets
There are few out there like him, and most will never meet them.
He seems to be everywhere, meeting with everyone all the time.
You cannot come away from meeting him without being inspired.
He will meet with anyone, and because of that knows everyone.
Going into any meeting, he is someone you must have with you.
John is recently introduced to us as somebody we had to meet.
He runs efficient meetings and keeps them on track to meet meeting objectives.
He coordinated the luncheons, wrote the newsletter, and conducted the meetings.
He coordinated vendor meetings and responded with grace to the needs of guests.
He coordinated a number of large meetings for him, and each came off flawlessly.
When he meets someone, he immediately thinks about how he can help them and who they need to meet.
John adds value to the meeting before you start, then during and most importantly after the meeting.
Despite being thorough he is good at meeting deadlines and always meeting the expectations.
He is very gifted and focused on meeting the real needs of those he meets.
Our quarterly meetings have kept him on track to meet his own commitments.
If you need to meet a deadline he is there to make sure you meet it.
He also provides exceptional value for our time in our monthly our company meetings and coordinates excellent speakers for those meetings.
He always went above and beyond what he said he was going to do, never cancelled meetings, and always followed through.
He is always giving something of value to everyone he meets, even if he knows he'll never get anything in return.
He is well liked by many wherever he goes, and he doesn't have to do much to gain the respect of anyone he meets.
He is always well-prepared, does what he says he'll do and comes to meetings having done all of his homework.
It's not often that you meet someone who challenges himself and those around him to be better than your best.
He not only meets their needs, but he gives the something extra that they didn't even know they needed.
John looks beyond what has always been done - to what can be done - to meet the current challenge.
People are drawn to him, want to be around him, and he brings out the best in everyone he meets.
If he doesn't know how to do something, he'll look it up and meet or exceed your expectations.
Plus, he was willing to meet at his time, that is something you don't see too much of anymore
John may appear as unapproachable when you first meet him, but he is very much is the opposite.
He goes above and beyond to meet their needs and is out for our company interest, not his own.
When you meet him, you're going to want to know what he does, cause he's fun to be around.
John is passionate about everything he does and is truly inspirational to everyone he meets.
John is always willing to consider new opportunities and look at how he could meet these.
He is incredible at what he does and is one of the best collaborators you would ever meet.
It seemed like at least once in every meeting he was one step ahead of most everyone else.
He then follows it up by delivering everything he has promised to do within that meeting.
And if that wasn't enough, he also just happens to be one of the nicest guys you'll meet.
He also ran things so well at the meeting itself that everything just seemed to happen.
By the end of the meeting, we all wondered what we would have done if he wasn't around.
What's more, he makes sure that those around him make and meet their commitments too.
John is very passionate in what he does and that is clearly evident in our meetings.
John probably did not realize this, but it was one of the highlights of the meeting.
Not only is he very professional, but is also well liked by anyone who meets with him.
He is able to see things that others don't and awaken something in everyone he meets.
There is really no one else quite like him and you'll realize that once you meet him.
John's willingness to go above and beyond for everyone he meets is extraordinary.
Because of this he has seen almost every challenge, and knows what to do to meet it.
There is way more to him than meets the eye, so be sure to get to know him properly.
If you have the opportunity to meet him, take it, you will be better having done so.
He made sure his deadlines were always met and that everything was done efficiently.
He continually went above and beyond and did everything possible to meet our needs.
John is all of these things - that's why he's the only meeting facilitator we use.
You can tell after meeting him that he will always have your best interest at heart.
He knows everyone and if he doesn't you, he will make it his mission to meet you.
John's always willing to help in any way he can and focused on meeting deadlines.
If you are considering meets him - just do it because he's one of the good guys.
Consequently, he is one degree separated from anyone you would ever want to meet.
John is, shall we say, one of the most unique individuals you will ever meet.
In addition, he was always willing to do whatever it took to meet the deadline.
There have several instances when he went out of his way to meet the deadlines.
John meets you not where you are today, but how you see yourself in your future.
Within five minutes of meeting him, you will think you have known him for years.
Don't take his word for it though = meet him and see what you and he can achieve.
John knows more about the world of sponsorship than anyone you will ever meet.
He will do whatever it takes to meet your needs & always go above and beyond
He does what he says he will, is proactive and knows how to meet expectations.
He gets along extremely well with whomever he has the privilege of meeting.
Rarely do you meet an individual who gives himself to the cause so selflessly.
Looking forward to meeting him in another organisation sometime in the future.
He always goes above and beyond to meet deadlines and keep everyone on track.
John is an inspiration for all that he meets regardless of the situation.
And he would always come back with great feedback on our following meeting.
And he does this with everyone he meets without expecting anything in return.
He just needs to ignore more meetings because they take too much of his time.
It is exhilarating to be around him, and you will see why when you meet him.
John is always willing to help and go the extra mile for anyone he meets.
He will continue to inspire anywhere he is placed and with anyone he meets.
If you can meet and get to know him you will be fortunate for the endeavor.
John goes above and beyond to meet the expectations of his assignments.
From this came some filming of meetings which were placed onto his website.
One thing which one can't miss after meeting him, is his infectious passion.
If you have met him you will know for sure the basis of his recommendation.
As well as the three listed above he is also thorough and meets deadlines.
He gets along with everyone and has the ability to meet anyone at anytime.
He makes and meets his commitments and always does the right things right.
If he does not think he can meet the expectations he will let you know.
Talk to him for a while and you will see there is more than meets the eye.
He seemed to brighten every meeting and make the going go more smoothly.
He always meets him deadline and is willing to help out however he can.
Hire him now, or at least meet him so you can get one of his famous pens.
Also, thanks for taking the time in conversing with him after the meeting.
He always made himself available and applied himself to meet deadlines.
It will take something extraordinary for him to miss any future meetings.
We really appreciated his guidance and look forward to our next meeting.
You won't need him to tell you this when you meet him, it will be obvious.
He is always prompt to meetings and did everything he said he would do.
In our first meeting, it became very apparent that he knows him 'stuff.
Once you meet him, you will want to thank him for all his great efforts.
He makes sure that we all meet our deadlines and he is very encouraging.
John is one of those individuals whom, once you meet, you never forget.
He is also brave enough to let you know when he can't meet your needs.
He makes commitments that he can meet, never over or under committing.
John is an inspiration to not only him but to all the women he meets.
We would recommend him for anything, to anyone who ever could meet him.
And it's something you can feel and see right after you first meet him.
John the best for you and wish to meet you again in the near future.
John stood out and was refreshingly different from our first meeting.
John is always willing to give him time to those he knows and meets.
He understands that he must meet the needs of the end-user/customer.
People want to meet with him because he's not just selling something.
It is definitely worth meeting with him to get you to the next level.
All you have to do is meet him one time to see that and you are selling
He spoke up in every meeting and always had something to contribute.
John is someone you want in the meeting when your hashing out ideas.