Mental Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Mental Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

With him can-do mentality and leadership skills, going beyond was the usual.
It helps him a lot not only for his skills, but also from mentally.
John goes above and beyond to make sure you have the skills and mental preparation for job hunting.
With this skill he can break down your mental barriers and guide you through your own journey.
He really does have skills in finding your mental blocks and pushing you forward.
His interpersonal skills, openness and helping mentality are commendable.
His partnership skills and 'get it fixed, ' mentally are unmatched.
John provided him with the necessary skills and mental toughness, which contributed to his eventual promotion.
His people skills are second to none and his mental agility is amazing to watch.
He always goes above and beyond to make sure his teammates are okay mentally and emotionally.
John has a can do mentality and makes sure that he will keep up to his promises.
Not only that, but his overall upbeat mentality was nothing more than infectious.
With his getting things done mentality you could always count on him.
He has the mentality that he will succeed at everything he does.
John's no-nonsense mentality is what first made him take notice.
His strengths were his organizational skills, ability to get along with others, and results oriented mentality.
Combining that with skill with his trademark calm-in-the-storm mentality is pretty special.
His skills in magic and Mentalism were outstanding and the shows he put on being amazing.
He exhibits high ethical standards and excellent mental skill.
His wide range of skills and his get it done mentality is an asset to any team.