Mentor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Mentor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He always goes out of his way to help mentor those who are willing to grow.
John is always there to help anyone in need of coaching and mentoring.
He is always around to help mentor or help those new to the industry.
He always makes himself available for mentoring and guidance.
He hasn't only mentored his employees, he encouraged each of us to mentor each other.
John is his first mentor in recruitment, and what a mentor to have.
John is an amazing mentor that takes mentoring to the next level.
He is always willing to assist his coworkers and all those who may need his help and mentoring.
John provided him in both of these, as well as, for his continual mentoring and guidance.
John is the professor and mentor you need to have before you begin your first job.
John is the best coach and mentor you can ask for and that has been his experience.
If you are looking for someone to coach or mentor, you have one of the best in him.
John is very collaborative in his approach and always available to help or mentor.
John has been his mentor for several years and through two different positions.
He is willing to help others and always enthusiastic in training and mentoring.
The way he mentors those above and below him makes him an outstanding employee.
John is willing to not only assist but also mentor others in his field.
John's empathy is what makes him the best mentor you would probably meet.
John mentored and provided the right guidance so everyone did our company.
He is not only his professor, but also his advisor, and all around mentor.
John goes above & beyond to help, mentor & assist everyone in the team.
John is very helpful in mentoring others in the course of his managing.
John is his direct supervisor, but more than that, he was his mentor.
Above all, he is available to mentor others without any complain at all.
He is always willing to help his colleagues and mentor new designers.
John is the best example of a mentor when it comes to this industry.
John has and will always be one his most talented and strongest mentors.
If you are looking for a mentor or coach, he is definitely your person.
He is very willing to mentor and to share what he knows with his team.
He is an excellent mentor and one can always look to him for guidance.
We have gotten to know each other through coaching and mentoring our company.
He also assisted with one-on-one mentoring of the course participants.
He made us want to our company for him with his encouragement and mentoring.
He has mentored him so much since then professionally and personally.
John made himself available to him as an informal advisor and mentor.
He has also encouraged and mentored others in the uses of blogging.
John has been one of his best supervisors for growth and mentoring.
He is an outstanding mentor and is willing to help whenever needed.
John as been an informal mentor to him over the past several years.
Fantastic mentor who was very responsive to the needs of his team.
John, thank you for being such an outstanding mentor and friend.
John is more his mentor than his supervisor for almost four years.
John is also an authentic mentor to him and many others on the team.
When it comes to mentoring, he has all the patience in the world.
The mentoring and guidance provided by him was truly exceptional.
Thank you very much for being his mentor, teacher, and motivator.
John welcomed him, mentored him, and they are now collaborating.
He is always available to mentor others and share his knowledge.
He also went above and beyond to advocate and mentor his peers.
John is an amazing professor to him and an even better mentor.
John is one of his first and best mentors in the music industry.
He is like the coach or mentor that you would never disappoint.
He is always willing to mentor and looks for coaching moments.
He is one of the best teachers or mentors one can get at our company.
John steps forward and is more than happy to help and mentor.
He is very compassionate about his work, and about mentoring.
As a mentor his guidance was always and will always be helpful.
As both his manager and his mentor, he was his go-to resource.
John mentored him directly during his first two positions at our company.
John is his mentor at our company until his recent promotion.