Mentoring Performance Review Phrases Examples

Mentoring Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He provides practical guidance that has been motivating and beneficial to my professional development.
John is a fantastic recruiter and mentor.
He is inspirational, driven and talented.
He is very helpful and a good mentor.
He is a great mentor, very understanding and always willing to help.
He's continually learning and improving himself and makes for both a fantastic mentor and mentee.
He is an excellent influencer and dedicated mentor who supports his team through sharing his enthusiasm for the work and having an open door policy.
He is a mentor who is always there to help and lift his minutes whenever they need him.
John is an awesome motivator and an inspiring mentor.
John is not only a leader himself, he has inspired and mentored countless others who have gone onto to become leaders in other industries.
John has been my mentor for many years.
He is very good in mentoring and developing talent.
John, thank you for your support and mentoring, which is truly appreciated.
He is a great mentor and has no qualms in rolling up his sleeve and working alongside the most junior member of the team why they require help.
I would like to thank him for all the guidance and mentoring given to me.
He is highly intelligent and a great communicator, which makes him very easy to mentor.
John is a fantastic worker, mentor and friend.
He epitomises what a true teacher and mentor is.
John was a true gift as a mentor.
As a mentor, John has given never-ending support and guidance.
He is very approachable and excellent at coaching and mentoring.
John has been mentoring me for almost three years now.
Thank you for the excellent advice and mentoring.
He will always be my mentor, my confidant and my best friend.
John is a true inspiration and a motivating leader.
He is a fantastic and inspiring leader.
He has been a great support and mentor.
John is a great mentor.
Great mentor and true inspiration guru.
John is an incredible leader and mentor.
John, he was tremendously supportive and mentored many who worked directly with him.
John is a great leader, teacher and mentor.
John is someone who listens to learn while sharing his experiences to empower others.
He motivates and nurtures his team with mentorship.
He is a highly capable leader, mentor and developer.
He is a powerful leader and mentor.
John's vision, support, tactical excellence were all par excellence.
He is charming, funny, talented and truly inspirational.
John is a great mentor and always ready to listen, provide recommendations and support whenever needed.
John is a connector, supporter and an inspirer.
He treated everyone with respect, and always made himself available to anyone who needed support or guidance.
John has been a mentor for well over a year.
He has mentored several junior developers and is always available to provide guidance.
John himself is a great inspiration, a hive of fantastic ideas and a great support as well as a mentor and facilitator.
He's also a great leader and mentor for any team.
Lastly, John's door was always open as an informal mentor.
John is a great mentor and marketing leader.
John is highly knowledgeable, and his support and guidance unique.
John has been a fantastic colleague, he is approachable, supportive and reliable.
A fantastic human and a fantastic mentor.
He is very inspiring and an exceptional mentor.
He is the fearless leader and compassionate mentor.
I have found him to be a wealth of knowledge and often looked to him as a mentor for advice and guidance.
He also supported the mentoring program.
He is very supportive and understanding teacher and mentor.
John is an inspirational leader, who is fantastic to work for.
He is very supportive of his team and is ready to mentor and share his extensive knowledge with those around him that wish to learn.
I've been lucky enough to have mentors from John and his ideas, experience and knowledge are priceless.
He has a great passion for mentoring, supporting and helping others further develop themselves.
He never stops himself to help others and have been truly appreciated for that by colleagues and juniors.