Mentoring Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Mentoring Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is always around to help mentor or help those new to the industry.
John was an outstanding mentor of his subordinates, many of whom were new to the industry.
He's known throughout the industry for his networking, professionalism and mentoring.
He is an expert at what he does and exceptional mentor to have in the industry.
I have seen him as not only a mentor, but a friend to many within our industry.
I don't only look at him as a leader of the industry, but he is my mentor.
John is one of the most respected trainers and mentors in the industry.
He knows his stuff and is happy to help and mentor others in our industry.
John has been both a mentor and leader for so many in the industry.
John was an amazing teacher as well as a mentor in the industry.
I am sure proud to say he is one of my mentors that I would always look up to in the industry.
If it was not for his consistent mentoring, I may have not made it in this industry.
As my superior, he was the best mentor I had in the industry.
John became my mentor before he became an expert in the concept of mentoring.
John has gone out of his way to mentor me and others under his direction.
He is someone that is always available for advice and mentoring.
One of the best mentors to have when you need help introspect.
John has not only been my manager, but he has and will always be my mentor.
I will always consider John to be my first, and best, mentor.
He knows this industry backward and forward and has been a constant help and mentor to me personally.
He is professional, engaging, and responsive - exactly what you look for in an industry mentor.
I have come across many efficient performers in the industry who regard him as their mentor.
I wanted to thank you for mentoring me and helping me to better understand the industry.
He is an excellent mentor to him peers, and is very well respected in the industry.
He knows how to make it happen in this industry and serves as an inspiring mentor.
He has been both a significant influencer and mentor to many within the industry.
John is an excellent mentor for someone who is interested in the gaming industry.
John is my first industry professional mentor during my first term of co-op.
John is one of the talented people that mentored me into the gaming industry.
John is an experienced peer and mentor and is well respected in the industry.
He is an exceptional leader and mentor and inspires so many in our industry.
John is a mentor to many and is incredibly well respected in the industry.
More so as a mentor who brought me along and up to speed in the industry.
His mentoring was a huge help to me getting up to speed in the industry.
John is also an amazing trainer and mentor in this insurance industry.
I was very lucky to have him as a mentor when starting in the industry.
John was a mentor to me and taught me much about the cabinet industry.
John is such a wonderful mentor for new entrants to the industry.
John is a mentor because he enjoys contributing to the industry.
I highly recommend him as a mentor and consultant for any industry.
John was a great mentor for someone starting in this industry.
John is a consummate professional and a mentor in the industry.
John is an excellent mentor and positive force in the industry.
He and his wife John are probably the best of the best in the industry when it comes to mentoring and training.
John is someone who mentored me and someone who I owe a lot too in this industry.
John is one of the strongest mentors I've experienced in the industry.
There is simply no better mentor in this industry / world than John.
John was my first mentor when I just joined headhunting industry.
John was a mentor to me when I first got into the game industry.
John is my mentor and I would recommend him to anyone within the industry.
If you are looking for a mentor in the MLM industry you would do well to have his as yours.
And he's always willing to go above and beyond to inspire, mentor and help others to be the best they can be too.
Not only can he do, but he can also mentor others and make his team better by his example and leadership.
He did all that was required of him and more, as he mentored those around him to be the best they could be.
He's always willing to help and mentor others and knows how to bring out the best in those around him.
Beyond that, he is an impressive mentor who always wants to help those around him in any way he can.
Though he was not my mentor, but he was always ready to help me out with almost everything.
He is an inspiration and certainly knows how to mentor and take you further than you can see.
John was appointed to me as my mentor which he did so much well an beyond my expectations.
John was very approachable and was always willing to mentor others on the best techniques.
He has been mentored by individuals who have been on the top of the industry.
There are very few true mentors in this industry and he is one of them.
He is also known in this industry as a mentor beyond compare.
His understanding of the industry is unquestionable and he has been an invaluable mentor.
John consistently mentors well and his minutes do just as well in the industry as he does.
However, he turned out to be the ideal mentor for us, perhaps, precisely because he was not from the industry of our startup.
He also has vast industry experience which he was willing to share mentoring him and others.
Aside from all that, he has been a real friend and mentor to him in the entertainment industry
John has mentored and nurtured many employees to grow and succeed in our industry.
In addition, he served as a mentor to others within the company and the industry.
John has been an amazing industry contact, mentor, and now future colleague.
John is a great mentor to his employees and industry colleagues.
He is grounded, knowledgeable and a great mentor in this industry.
Him leadership and mentoring have helped him become successful in this ever-changing industry.
He continues to contribute to the industry through his writing, leadership and mentoring.
Still, he held brief meetings with him to ensure progress and mentor him in the industry.
Being new to the industry, he guided and mentored him through the projects.
Has mentored and created many industry leaders, especially across our company.
His transition into leadership was far overdue as he has so much to teach and mentor others in the industry.
He mentored him throughout his searches and always made himself available to him.
As his mentor, he always provided him guidance and confidence.
John has been a great mentor, he comes to the table with so much industry experience it isn't even funny.
His success is founded on "walking the talk" and being an available and understanding industry mentors
Thank you for showing him the ropes in the tech industry and continuing to serve as one of his mentors.
John helped mentor many within our organization on the structure and needs of industry participants
John and his group are without a doubt the best in our industry and true friend and mentor.
John also makes a point of mentoring coworkers and sharing industry insights.
A true lender within our industry and a mentor to many including himself.
He is a great mentor and offered an abundance of industry experience.
He always takes time to mentor others and to learn from his mentors.