Model Performance Review Phrases Examples

Model Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

If anyone did it before him, he would take their model and make it that much better.
Every model he has ever recommended taking our shoots to another level and several of the models have become super models.
John's customers feel like they are him only one, which is something everyone could model.
He knows how to get the best out of different cultures and different business models.
John is a model of how to get things done, and not just done, but done exceptionally.
John truly is one of those model employees that only comes along every so often.
Never asking the team to do something he can't or wouldn't model or do himself.
John is the model partner/employee anyone would want in their organization.
John is an incredible modeler and can model anything fast and efficiently.
John is an excellent modeler with particular ability in character modeling.
He is someone that others often model after because of his key strengths.
John exemplifies this model, and he is there for you when you need him.
John is the model of professionalism and makes others around him better.
He expects the best out of others and models this in his own behavior.
According to him, he is a model to be followed for others in his area.
Not only that, but the models he uses are excellent value for money.
John models what he teaches and that makes it all the more effective.
John did two things that made him stand out in the modeling group.
Best of all, though, is that he is a model for others to follow.
He inspires the best in others by first seeing it modeled with.
He is one of the best and most popular models in the industry.
He is the model of what we want from and expect of our leaders.
John knows that "push" model versus "pull" model is too simple.
John is by far a model for all of us who come into his circle.
He can help you perfect your model and keep ahead of the game.
If you cannot hire him directly, use him as your hiring model.
Overall, he is someone whom you can look up-to as a role model.
Thank you for believing in him and being the best role model.
During that our company he has been the model of professionalism.
This was possible only with his futuristic our company model.