Mortgage Broker Performance Review Phrases Examples

Mortgage Broker Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is the best mortgage broker on the planet.
John is always available for his brokers and his team of broker consultants.
John provided mortgage brokering services for me on two occasions.
John did my last three mortgages and several of my clients.
John is an honest and a very intelligent mortgage broker.
John was excellent to work with as our mortgage broker.
John is my go-to person when it comes to mortgages.
He beat the estimates of all other mortgage brokers.
John is above and beyond when it comes to a broker.
I found John to be the most knowledgeable mortgage broker.
John is the only mortgage broker I could recommend.
He has a terrific knowledge of mortgages and was always there to help me be the best mortgage broker for my clients.
John is a mortgage broker you want in your corner when it comes to mortgages and property investing.
I was looking for a mortgage for my new home and had contacted many mortgage agents and brokers.
Before working with him my perception of the mortgage brokers was that they aren't any good.
John will not only get you the right mortgage, but will help you understand the process.
Very knowledgeable mortgage broker, have already referred him to many of my colleagues.
He is definitely someone you can't count on to get you through the mortgage process.
We will definitely go back to him for our next mortgage or investment property.
John goes to the ends of the earth to make sure you get the possible mortgage.
I would highly recommended him to anyone that needs help with their mortgage.
Not only did he make my first mortgage, but also did my brother's and sister's.
John was my mortgage broker and helped me with the purchase of my first home.
John is the consummate professional and he isn't just a mortgage broker.
John was with us from beginning to end in getting our reverse mortgage.
He is definitely someone you need to talk to before getting a mortgage.
Anything to do with mortgage goes to him as he assesses the situation.
He always went above and beyond with our brokers and title companies.
John has helped us with both our mortgages and our recent refinance.
John was very instrumental and knowledgeable as a mortgage broker.
John helped us recently with our refinancing of our mortgage.
John is a mortgage broker with integrity and professionalism.
John and the team recently helped me with my first mortgage.
I definitely would highly recommend him as a mortgage broker.
John will help any clients with their mortgage situation.
I recommend him to anyone looking for an outstanding broker.
He is the kind of mortgage broker you want to work for you.
John helped us get the best possible deal on our mortgage.
John was everything you could ask for in a traffic broker.
John has a way with, not only mortgages, but with people.
John advised me concerning my mortgage and refinancing.
John has helped me with several mortgages over the years.
John has been my broker now on two separate occasions.
He was the seller's broker and was very professional.
I wish all brokers were as savvy and forward-thinking.
Do not hesitate to contact him for your next mortgage.
John is one of the easiest brokers to get along with.
I would recommend him for your mortgage requirements.
Do contact him for your next mortgage or refinance.
John is one of the best mortgage brokers that I have had an association with.
John is the best and most thorough mortgage broker I have every worked with.
I've met with many mortgage brokers, John is by far one of the best.
We will go back to John from now on for all of our mortgage needs.
John is hands down the best mortgage broker I've ever come across.
I would recommend John to anyone who is need of a mortgage broker.
I have been using John for all of my mortgage needs for years.
I first became acquainted with John as a mortgage broker.
You won't find a better mortgage broker out there than John.
I would definitely use John again for my mortgage needs.
I used John as my mortgage broker on my home refinance.
John, thank you for being the excellent mortgage broker that we have come to know and trust, and for your friendship.
Combine that with his years of experience and you have the one and only mortgage broker you will ever need.
He's not just his mortgage broker, but his mom and he's great at both.
John definitely be going back to see him when his mortgage comes up for renewal.
We have used him twice now to help us refinance our mortgage.
John does so many things for others than just mortgage lending.
He went far above and beyond what any other mortgage broker would have done and got us everything we needed at a great rate.
John helped him get a mortgage when all other brokers either said it was not possible, or it that would be a struggle.
John is his mortgage broker for his refinance and he was always accessible through email and calls.
John helped him refinance his home mortgage, he came through for him when other brokers couldn't.
He goes above and beyond what one normally thinks of as a traditional mortgage broker.
And he knows what it is going to take for you to get a mortgage so he can tell you up front
He knows exactly what he has to do to make sure all his mortgage needs are sufficiently met.
If you have any mortgage needs do not look any further, he is the guy to go to.
John made sure to provide us with many options regarding available mortgages.
He goes about and beyond in his quest to help you with your home mortgage.
Simply, he's one of the best mortgage whisperer/coaches/mentors out there.
He will continue to be our first contact for any and all mortgages.
John acted on our behalf when we were looking to re-mortgage.
Many thanks for all your help in arranging the mortgage for him.
John knows this challenging mortgage market better than anyone and is his go-to mortgage broker to refer to clients.
What do you want from your broker dependability, be there when you need him.
He knows what he wants and is very respectful of the broker's time.
John is definitely a broker with whom you should be in contact.
Straightforward, honest and trustworthy (not normally words associated with a mortgage broker).
His professionalism and honesty is what sets him apart from any other mortgage brokers.
His organic approach is quite refreshing compared to the stereotypical mortgage broker.
He came up with a plan that no other mortgage broker had thought of for his situation.
He offers options and possibilities that newer mortgage brokers do not see or know.
This describes both him as a mortgage broker and now as a our company rep.
John offered us expert mortgage advice and took out all the stress of getting a mortgage.
Most recently, the help that he has provided with our current mortgage has been outstanding and we have been very happy.
His mortgage needs were very specific to his situation and he went out of his way to make sure it got done, and on time.
Not only did he get him the most appropriate mortgage, but he was extremely attentive and responsive.
You can trust him and what he says he will accomplish for you and for your mortgage needs.
We never could have gotten our mortgage as seamlessly as we did, had he not helped us.
He not only handles all of their mortgage needs, but keeps him in the loop at all times.
John went above and beyond to get his mortgage to close as soon as it possibly could.
He definitely loves what he does and his passion for mortgages is infectious.
John helped him to get his mortgage and later on to get refinanced for his home.
John can lower your mortgage rate just when you thought it was low enough.
He will literally not stop until he gets someone the mortgage they deserve.
He provided us with mortgage advice that was best suited for our situation.
John gets it done quickly and is saving him hundreds/month on his mortgage.
Gave him fantastic mortgage advice, even though it made him less no money.
He does everything to ensure that the mortgage is delivered smoothly.
His level of expertise with regards to mortgages is really excellent.
His advice is spot on and he always gets the best mortgages around.
He didn't hesitate to jump right into the deep end with mortgages.
He would be the individual you seek to get your mortgage done.
He is overly cautious that no one overspends on his mortgage.
John handled our recent mortgage during the height of lockdown.
He explained the different types of mortgages to him clearly.
His experience in this area places him at the top of his list of mortgage brokers.
John also liaised directly with his mortgage broker to provide relevant paperwork to secure a mortgage.
He is unique in that he does not fit the mold of the typical "mortgage broker".
He always made sure that our brokers were happy and satisfied with our terms.
When other brokers gave him the run around, he came in and made things happen.
He makes sure that the broker gets paid and the borrower is happy.
John is more than a very experienced and thorough list broker.
He is respected by brokers and he is someone you can count on.
Yes, you're his wife, but you happen to be an excellent broker.
Seriously, in his opinion, he helps us be the best out there in mortgage lending.
He has taken on the challenge to provide service above and beyond the average mortgage broker.
John's expertise and service as a mortgage broker are second to none.
John is his go-to mortgage broker, he's knowledgeable about the market, and will do anything to help anyone get a mortgage for their dream home.
John is a very thorough mortgage broker with the client's best interest in mind at all times.
John is an exceptional financial adviser and mortgage broker.