Mortgage Loan Underwriter Performance Review Phrases Examples

Mortgage Loan Underwriter Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an excellent commercial mortgage underwriter and mentor to other underwriters.
John role with him was both as a mentor and as underwriter on the loans he originated.
John goes to the ends of the earth to make sure you get the possible mortgage.
I would highly recommended him to anyone that needs help with their mortgage.
Not only did he make my first mortgage, but also did my brother's and sister's.
Simply, he's one of the best mortgage whisperer/coaches/mentors out there.
John was with us from beginning to end in getting our reverse mortgage.
He is definitely someone you need to talk to before getting a mortgage.
John has helped us with both our mortgages and our recent refinance.
John helped us recently with our refinancing of our mortgage.
You will be pleased when using him for all your mortgage needs.
John did my last three mortgages and several of my clients.
He has probably done several hundred mortgage loans for my clients and customers and at least a dozen loans for me over the years.
John was wonderful and explained everything when we got our first mortgage through him.
We never could have gotten our mortgage as seamlessly as we did, had he not helped us.
He is someone you can truly count on for advice with your mortgage and beyond.
John gets it done quickly and is saving me hundreds/month on my mortgage.
John is a go getter when it comes to getting your mortgage done.
I would and have tried to hire him (before the mortgage meltdown).
He would be the individual you seek to get your mortgage done.
He is overly cautious that no one overspends on his mortgage.
He can arrange mortgages for anyone but specialises in arranging mortgages for the less straightforward clients.
John's style is always to be on your side in finding a mortgage loan that will best suits your needs and ability to pay.
I have had enough frequent contact with him to know he would professionally look after my mortgage needs.
He was very helpful with the different mortgage choices and knowing which one was right for us.
I would recommend him to anyone interested in refinancing, or getting a new mortgage.
I wholeheartedly recommend him and will use no one else to do a mortgage for me.
John was able to move very quickly and help us get the mortgage we needed.
John has my highest recommendation for any manner of mortgage position.
He makes it a point to find the best possible mortgage for each situation.
John has an interesting background in how he became a mortgage lender.
I have referred him to friends and coworkers for their mortgage needs.
He is an expert in the ins and outs of finding the right mortgage.
John went the extra mile in helping us with some mortgage issues.
I found that his use of a mortgage app was very beneficial to us.
John was very helpful when we needed to apply for a mortgage.
His grasp of the finer points in the mortgage is exceptional.
He stands out in terms of his depth of knowledge with respect to mortgage underwriting.
He was readily available to answer all types of questions about mortgages, loan amounts, escrow, etc.
John was instrumental in getting our family a loan that saved us money on our mortgage.
He makes shopping for a mortgage simple, he zeroed in on our mortgage needs and married us up with the right mortgage product.