Motion Graphics Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Motion Graphics Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He collaborated with my graphic designer to bring about just what we were looking for when we started.
John is an amazing motion graphics designer with a warm soul.
I can highly recommend him as an illustrator and graphic designer.
He can do it all, write, still graphics, motion graphics, shoot and edit.
John is an insightful, innovative and enthusiastic graphic designer.
His designs are outstanding and he is capable of designing for print, online, presentations or motion graphics.
John is not only gifted in graphic design, but he is gifted at people.
John is that incredible hybrid unicorn - an interaction designer and prototypes who can do graphic design and code.
He is in a league of his own when it comes to graphic design, teamwork and collaboration.
John has a rare gift that many graphic designers seem to lack.
He has the ability to create detailed graphics and motion graphics.
John is an expert at translating concepts into beautiful graphic designs.
John has the ability to express him designs in a variety of formats, including motion graphics.
John is an expert graphic designer who always brings new and exciting concepts to the table.
He made every deadline and offered various ideas to solve our graphic design challenges.
He's also a very strong speaker at conferences, and greatly with graphic design.
John is a gifted graphic designer and very capable conceptual thinker.
John is a god - not simply a master of design and motion graphics.
His motion graphics and design work have always been very strong and continues to get better.
John is a very talented illustrator, as well as an accomplished graphic designer.
He has a great eye for illustration as well as motion design.
Ask him anything about a font, he can tell you everything about it, and the same goes for his knowledge of graphic design history.
He was already a talented animator and motion graphics designer before we became coworkers.
He's particularly strong at mobile app design - the simple, graphic nature of app design really suits his style.
Check out his work and consider him for your motion graphic needs.
He is very strong in illustration and has a great understanding of graphic design and its' principles.
He has done work (design, graphical) for me several times, and he never fails to impress.
He is reliable and provides more than just value to him graphic design services.
John has an eye for detail which is critical for a graphic designer.
John is a very knowledgeable graphic designer and has always done an excellent job on everything we needed.
John blew my mind on the daily with the possibilities of motion graphics.
I seek his advice whenever it comes to motion graphics or new music.
I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who required any kind of graphic design work.
John is an outstanding graphic designer who for many years has done a great job of designing articles for our publication.
John's experience in the field of designing and graphics is commendable.
I am confident in his ability to handle most motion design jobs because he has a strong eye for movement as well as design.
He pushed me to think outside the box and not just go through the motions.
Around him things which historically never moved are now in motion.