Multi-Tasking Performance Review Phrases Examples

Multi-Tasking Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is very professional, very detailed oriented and very reliable.
He's very professional and pays attention to the details.
He can multi-task and is competent to take on many tasks that can be very different in nature.
He can multi task, but is willing to delegate and encourage others to get their tasks accomplished.
He took every task and sub task as a challenge and crack it before starting a new task.
He is excellent at multi-tasking and can juggle many tasks at the same time.
He always finished all of his tasks on time and multi-tasked very well.
He can multi task and is always willing to take over new responsibilities without hesitation.
He did well as multi-tasking and strived to do the best that he could in any situation.
He can multi-task, but also knows when certain issues need more attention.
He knows how to get things done and can multi-task with great proficiency.
He can multi-task and he knows how to delegate to others when necessary.
He is one of those very few professionals who are adept at multitasking.
He multi-tasks very well and is very well respected in the organization.
Additionally, he can multi-task better than just about anyone I have met.
He has been multi-tasking with effective leadership of multi-site and multi-functional groups.
I never had to think twice about anything getting done right the first time once he was on the task.
He always made sure that we were on task, and was always available to help when we had questions.
He was willing to take on whatever was given to him and trained himself on some of the tasks.
He is somebody who you can brief once and he gets on with the task until it is finished.
And when he's done with those tasks, things are always better off because he was there.
John would always go out of his way to help if he could and no task was ever too big.
John went above and beyond while he was working for me, as he does in all tasks.
Plus, he is willing to take on any task-and not only take it on, but do it well.
He is very articulate and always followed-up and followed through on his tasks.
He can and will take on anything thrown at him and go above and beyond the task.
John was always willing to help, even if he was not responsible for the task.
He is willing to help and often goes above and beyond to accomplish tasks.
Further, he follows through on each and every task that he is assigned.
John can see what needs to be done and the best way to complete the task.
John went above and beyond in that assignment, as he does in all tasks.
John went above and beyond in that assignment, as he does in all tasks.
He is always willing to help even though many tasks are not his duties.
Him the ability to multi task is fantastic and this doesn't hamper him in what sometimes could be mundane tasks.
He multi tasks very effectively & is excellent at comprehending the tasks at hand.
He is able to execute his tasks and duties while multi-tasking in other areas.
His ability to multi-task things and give his 100% to every task is commendable.
He is one of those who don't simply do task as they can, but rather learn how to do tasks the best and then proceed.
He is always willing to go above and beyond to complete tasks and help others on his team accomplish their tasks.
John is one of the few people that can truly multi-task and get many things accomplished simultaneously.
John is one of the very few professionals who have the ability to multi-task and yet be effective.
I've seen him take on new tasks, and when he does, he seeks counsel and gives the task his all.
He is dedicated to any task that he is given and hones in on that task until its completion.
He is not one to take on a task that is given to him and just “go blindly” at the task.
As an example, he would break down an assignment into tasks and the sequence of these tasks.
He is very good at multi-tasking and is always looking at how processes can be improved.
He was able to multi-task and was willing to take on as many responsibilities as given.
He takes on ownership of tasks and makes sure he delivers the best against those tasks.
John also understands the concept of multi-tasking better than anyone on this planet.
No task goes undone and he will always end the task above average with his results.
John is excellent at multi-tasking and he delivered his projects and tasks on time.
He has been given very difficult tasks, and delivered on the task without complaint.
The most important thing that strikes me about him is his ability to multi-task.
He handles his tasks professionally and follows-through on each task he handles.
When he is given a task, he successfully completes it and goes beyond the task.
If you ask him to do a task, you can say that task will be completed correctly.
John is very well organized and has ability to multi-task as well as anybody.
He can handle multi task at the same time and never less down our expectation.
He can handle multi task at the same time and never let down our expectation.
John has the innate ability to think ahead while multi-tasking immediate work.