Music Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Music Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John was, and still is, the go-to guy to get things done in the music industry.

I consider him to be the go to person in the music industry.

Anyone in the music industry should get to know John.

He is also well versed in the music industry and the themed entertainment industry.

But for now, I'm excited to see just how much of an impact he can have on the music industry.

His tastes in music have attributed to me learning so much more about the music industry.

Know him and you'll know one of the most intelligent execs in the music industry.

I would recommend hi for any position that you in and out of the music industry.

He knows the music industry so well, and is always professional and kind.

He's known by everyone in the music industry and respected by everyone.

John is one of the best 'networked' people in the music industry.

He is going to make it big time within the music industry.

He's one of the best guys to work with in the music industry.

John is one of my favorite people in the music industry.

John has worked in many facets of the music industry.

If you need any help with the music industry, John is your man.

The music industry is very lucky to have someone like John.

I've known John over the years from the music industry.

The music he used to get everyone to get up and dance.

What ever you are trying to do in the music industry, you owe it to yourself to get training from him.

He is a perfectionist in the studio and everything he does - especially in the music industry.

John has a very professional attitude towards his music and the music industry in general.

There are few folks that truly impress you in the music industry from the first you meet.

John impressed me right away with his insight and foresight into the music industry.

John was my go-to guy for all things audio while in the music retail industry.

He cemented some very strong relationships within the music industry.

He switches on and understands the ever changing music industry.

I enthusiastically recommend him to any music industry employer.

He also welcomed me with open arms to the music industry.

John is truly a Renaissance man of the music industry.

His insight into the "new" music industry is invaluable.

If you are in need of some insight into the music industry John would be your go to guy.

John and I have worked together in many different scenarios within the music industry.

John is one of the most interesting people I know in the music industry.

His passion for the music industry is unlike anyone I have ever met.

I had the chance to work together with John in the music industry.

John has valuable, useful insights on the music industry.

I have known John due to us both working in the music industry.

John is the consummate music industry professional.

Something well known in the music industry, but unfortunately almost completely unheard of in IT.

John has always strived to be the best at whatever he does, especially in the field of music.

John always stood out to me as someone who was very passionate and serious about music.

He is extremely passionate about what he does, especially when it comes to music.

John is one of those music guys who really cares about the bands and music.

During the course of our discussions, he began to tell me about him music.

John was all over the phenomenon that came to be known as grunge music.

He was always there for the players, and really cared about the music.

His musical selections are always provided to us, and we get input.

He is inseparable with music, music is very much part of his life.

John has an encyclopedic knowledge of music and music history.

John was very prolific about getting his music out to everyone.

John has provided me with excellent music compositions.

Not only that, but he also has an acquired musical taste.

He is very passionate about music and what he is doing.

He really knows his music and what people like to hear.

His music compositions are off the chart/wonderful.

Of course, you do not forget his passion for music.

John, what can you say about John that's cannot be evoked from his music.

John knows more about music than anyone else I have ever met.

He knows various genre's of music-particularly the blues.