Narrow-Minded Performance Review Phrases Examples

Narrow-Minded Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Out of sight, out of mind has always been the way his mind works.
Easiness of getting things done is the first thing that comes to his mind.
He keeps his customers needs in mind to make sure we have the right solution in mind for them.
He always has the client's interest in mind and is mindful of their needs over his own.
There is no doubt in his mind that whatever he puts his mind to he will accomplish.
But top of mind is just the way you stretched his mind with the nine dots.
He keeps the objective in mind and is not afraid to speak his mind.
He is very system-minded and delivers with the end-user in mind.
This in his mind takes an innovative and forward thinking mind.
Our company minded security expert that comes to mind about John.
He is always thinking about how to take something and make it so much better than anyone else had in mind.
He makes himself available to help others whenever possible and he has your success in mind.
He always has the end in his mind and definitely know what he wants at the end of the day.
John is someone who doesn't mind to think together and even help if it is in his power.
He is always thorough and mindful of the needs of others that will be using his our company.
He would always see things with different angles before he would make up his mind.
He is always available to listen and help out with anything you have on your mind.
The first thing that comes to his mind about him is that he is very approachable.
Once he makes up his mind to do something he will most certainly get it done.
Doesn't go around the bushes, but rather let's others know what is on his mind.
John has one thing in mind always, and that is to be the best at what he does.
There is one example of him going above and beyond that stands out in his mind.
John definitely comes to mind as one who knows how to do both - well and when.
He does what he says he will do and always has the customers needs in mind.
And there is only one thing that goes through his mind; each and every our company.
He truly is the best, and you'd be out of your mind to use anyone else.
He always went out of his way to help and that really sticks in his mind.
John makes it so easy as he's among the first that comes to mind.
Looking back at the our company two and half years, two things come to mind.
He definitely doesn't mind going above and beyond for his customers.
Then the one very name that comes to his mind first and always is.
In his mind, there was nobody else more appropriate for the role.
Anyone who doesn't hire him is probably not in their right mind.
John gets things done and gets them done with quality in mind.
Providing the most value to the business is always in his mind.
He doesn't mind if you tell him something else he should know.
The one with the courage to say what's on his mind, before you realize it's been on your mind, too.
Not only did he have his employer's best interest in mind, but he always made him feel that he had mine in mind as well.
He will never die wondering when he has any questions in his mind and more often than not he will speak his mind.
He is also mindful of the brand, and always acts in the company's best interests in mind.
His mind set while doing loans is always with the customer's best interests in mind.
Open-minded to everything around him yet single-minded to one vision: the big idea.
There is no doubt in his mind; he will succeed at anything he sets his mind to do.
He is always mindful of the larger picture while being security, privacy minded.
He has an inquisitive mind and tonnes of enthusiasm to sustain that mind.
John is a strategic minded and mindful of downstream implications.
He has a sharp mind and is both resourceful and quality minded.
He is someone who speaks his mind, even if you may not want or like what he has to say, but always follows through in support.
He does not let you down, even if something is holding him up you know he still has your question/problem on his mind.
Smart enough to know what he did not know and surrounds himself with the best minds to get the best outcomes.
He is always looking for the best results and knows exactly how to get there while keeping our needs in mind.
He always wants to do the very best he can and always gives his all to everything that he puts his mind too.
In his mind, there is no one better to follow than someone who can and will do what he's asking others to do.
He is someone who always follows through on items and you know he has your best interest in mind.
He never pressured us to get into anything that we didn't like and had our best interest in mind.
John always goes above and beyond for his clients and always has our company interests in mind.
His advice is something you want to keep in mind, as you never know what it could be useful for.
John is someone that wants things done right with his employees and customers always in mind.
Whenever we have emerged, he was the one first came into his mind and he did well in the field.
Always got his customers in his mind, he'll go out of his way to make sure that everyone wins.