National Sales Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

National Sales Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John's areas of responsibility expanded to include national sales management.
John was an extremely capable online sales manager who really understood the national picture in online sales.
I would recommend him to any organization looking for talented sales reps or sales managers.
He would shine as a national sales manager or a coach in the national league.
John is, quite simply, at the top of the list of national or global channel sales management.
I would recommend him in any leadership role and national sales position.
John's workshop proved to be invaluable to our national sales organization.
John also did some runway modelling for national sales meetings.
His management style has helped the sales professionals he manages be successful.
He mentored me into my role there and then we worked together in managing the national sales force.
He also knows how to manage himself so that his own sales margins are consistently high.
John is someone you can rely on to not just manage sales, but manage a business.
He is an exceptional sales manager, salesman, and business manager.
John had successfully embraced his new role and taken on the challenge of managing the sales team nationally.
John is an excellent manager, but he is an even better sales person.
He was always there for management and sales to help them with the information needed.
He has got all right attitude and aptitude to that makes him a successful enterprise sales manager.
He was equally great as a sales manager, helping improve the overall effectiveness of the national sales team.
John is the epitome of a successful sales manager and mentor.
John was engaged to transform the national approach to sales management and team effectiveness.
His management style is in my opinion, unique within the stressful sales environment.
He is equally if not more versed in sales coaching and management.
John by far was the best sales manager we had in the federal business.
He has given me tools to help improve both my sales and management abilities.
John, as the national sales manager took a key interest in all of his sales subordinates which led many to being top performers, including myself.
John is an amazing sales person who has become an amazing manager.
Needless to say, he is an excellent sales person cum manager.
He has consistently been at the top of the national sales force for growth year after year.
John was the closing speaker for two years in a row at our national sales convention.
He knows many people from different geographies and nationalities.
John is an incredible sales manager, the type of leader others is always wanting to follow.
John is the kind of sales leader any manager would like to clone.
John has immense knowledge in sales automation and management.
John presented an engaging and relevant session at our national sales conference.
John is a results focused sales manager and at the same time a great manager of people.
He was always prepared in meetings and managed him sales pipeline well.