Negotiator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Negotiator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John could be tough when negotiating, but he was never out of line in those negotiations.
He is amongst the first one to try new things and is an excellent negotiator.
John is by far one of the best, if not the best negotiator around.
He is definitely someone to have on your side of negotiations.
John is the guy you want to sit next to you rather than across from you in negotiations.
He is willing to negotiate and re-negotiate to ensure you get the best deal for you.
He is an excellent negotiator and someone you will always want to have on your team.
He is always looking to do the very best for his company and negotiated like crazy.
He makes sure to maximize value for himself as well as those he is negotiating with.
John has made himself available during mediation and other settlement negotiations.
He also made sure the building owner followed through with what was negotiated.
He is talented when it comes to negotiation, as well as being very personable.
He is certainly someone who was easy to negotiate with and forward thinking.
Contracts, the law, and negotiation are, to say the least, not his specialty.
He will help one through the negotiations to the next stage of one's career.
He is passionate about getting the best out of every contract negotiation.
John is the ultimate negotiator and knows how to get to the end result.
John is always available and was terrific in negotiating with the client.
Communications and negotiations with him were always easy and effective.
John is always professional, thorough & fair during our negotiations.
John is fair, but he was sure to negotiate what was best for his company.
Negotiating with him is like negotiating with an expert in any field.
He almost always gets the better negotiation for each relative issue.
He understood that there has to be give and take in any negotiation.
Throughout the negotiating process he was always very professional.
He knows the business inside and out and is an amazing negotiator.
He listens to want you want, and does all the negotiation for you.
His help during the interviews and negotiations was indispensable.
He always seemed at ease when negotiating with different cultures.
John also is one of the best negotiators and closers on the team.
We also come across some barriers, which he skilfully negotiated.
With this said, he is an expert in negotiations with customers.
Represents him well in negotiations with prospective employers.
John followed all stages of his negotiations with his employer.
John negotiated several contracts with him and his colleagues
John is an extraordinary help in our most recent negotiations with our company.
Link our company has several negotiations in the course at our company.