Network Design Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Network Design Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John stays up to date on networking technologies to allow him to assess and make the best recommendations for network designs.
He can put together a solid network design for any application and also explain to you why it is much better than your existing design.
John is one of the top comprehensive designers in telecom networks.
His work as a network engineer and designer is always thorough, detailed, and to the point.
He is particularly strong in wireless backhaul and optical network designs and network modeling.
He knows exactly what you want when designing and then provides you with even more than you expected; to me that's a sign of a great designer.
He designed a company logo for me and helped with guiding me along the way in design.
He is always up to date on the latest in design and social networking.
He is experienced when it comes to technology, networking and engineering.
John is a true innovator in networking both as an architect and engineer.
He promotes designers and believes in the power of networking and partnership.
John is an extremely competent sales engineer who would translate customer networking needs into complex network designs.
His expertise in network design is an attribute to any proposal and solution.
In networking design he creates an excellent balance of function and sleekness.
John is a very experienced network engineer and an excellent trainer.
John had to handle a wide variety of network design requests that were typical of the unique network builds.
He is an excellent engineer and has a good sense of design issues and usability.
John quickly took in our brief and provided an excellent design from the first draft.
John has a true gift when it comes to the design and implementation of sophisticated networks.
Many of his designs were chosen by the client and went on to win design competition awards.
His core skills in network engineering, architecture and design is truly best in class.
He is extremely knowledgeable in the components and design of advanced telephony/data networks.
John has a strong background in electronics design, engineering and more recently in quality engineering.
Managing not only him other designers, but also the needs of clients were amazing.
More than anything, him designs and ideas make us look better to our clients.
Here designs were fabulous and he was always very organized and thorough.
John took charge and designed something that really got the ball rolling.
John is probably the best go to person there is when you are trying to network.
He is one of these persons, you don't want to miss in your network.
John has good, intuitive talents for instructional design and networking.
John can also draw upon his own network of designers and developers to help out when requested.
He is not only able to design, but reverse engineer any database/data warehouse.
I always looked forward to see what new concepts and designs he came up with as they were always fun and exiting.
If you're looking for someone to design and deliver your concepts, he can take it from start to finish.
John signs went even further and designed a corresponding letterhead for the auditorium.
He never allows overdoing the design always ask for keeping it simple, and clean.
John is a gifted designer with an ability to see things from all perspectives.
He is very dynamic and has an excellent gift for design and organisation.
John is going to conquer the world with his unique character designs.
John a character to design and you'll be amazed at what he can deliver.
His design is clean, but sophisticated, and whimsical where warranted.
John was the first point of contact for the design phase and concept.
He is an amazing designer and he deserves to enjoy the success.
John is a very dedicated, conscientious and hard working network engineer.
John is a top draw designer, with all his designs, client feedback was excellent.
His personal network is vast and spans several countries and he knows how to leverage that network.
John is a quality driven network engineer that provides significant value through innovative network solutions.