Network Operations Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Network Operations Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His leadership in network operations is respected and sought-after.
If you are looking for a smart, highly energetic, and very experienced network and operations manager then you've found him.
He has an extensive network in our industry/market, which he proactively manages.
He is able to manage manpower needs very efficiently through his network.
I have no hesitation in recommending him for the role of network manager.
He knows how to network and does it from a non-micro-management style.
He has an excellent network and is great with managing candidates.
He also gave me valuable insights into how to manage my network.
John is known for his boundary less operation as well as the vast network he has built within the organization.
We both operate within the same networking group and he is well respected by the other members.
He is also very well known among the network management professionals.
I would recommend him highly for even the most challenging positions in provisioning, operations, networking and management across all these departments.
He is very knowledgeable when it comes to network setup and management.
Srividya is a very good manager and builds networks within and outside his area of operations with ease.
John introduced a lot of the procedures adopted in our network operations.
John has extraordinary management experience and extensive networks.
His operations, network and people management skills are exemplary.
He performed excellent work in his job as network operation manager.
He keeps everyone on track, and under his management the network and has grown in both headcount as well as referrals.
Moreover, as a manager, he truly lives the networked-collaborative message.
He manages by fact, acts decisively and is an excellent Networker.
Him networking ability, candidate management & client management are very superior indeed.
John is a passionate network engineering and operations manager.
He is a great Networker who is comfortable operating at all levels of an organization.
I was always impacted by his breadth and depth in managing a wide and complex operational network through multiple transitions.
His official role was to manage the partner network - but he does so much more.
With his network of people he managed things which are weird never heard about.
He has also managed to open my mind and be a little more visionary with the networking of the future.
His management is very good as well, and that's the reason why he built up such a good network.
He has a very extensive network, which he is able to manage and use to the fullest extent.
John has a very good network and always managed to put forward good candidates.
John was a proactive manager, always on top of any network issue that arose.
It is clear that he effectively manages a wide network of contacts.
He was really appreciated by the operation team, management, and guest.
One thing very special with him that he has a very good understanding of telecom operations & calibre - to start the network operations from scratch.
John an asset to any operation that requires extensive knowledge of networking.
He was also very good at networking with correct management chain to get things done.
If you're a hiring manager looking for top talent, he may already have someone him network.
John has vast experience in telecom, networking & management.
His response was timely, professional and an excellent example of how this network should operate.
John is the kind of resource that every manager or company should have in their network.
John was always the go-to person for any network management troubleshooting questions.
His art of networking with candidates and the hiring managers is stupendous.
I could count on him for an unvarnished view into the good, the bad and the ugly of how our network operations looked.
John is easy to work with and operates without the need for close management.
He is excellent at operating both strategically or in the detailed operational space.
John is a people oriented manager who can easily network in new environments.
He listens well, manages people compassionately, and is a born Networker.
Technically, he is very versatile and has both depth and breadth of telecommunication protocols and network management.
John is a very effective manager that was capable of tying together a decentralized network.
He managed to network and gain long term friendship with both faculty and participants.
John helped us manage the reseller network through a chaotic start-up period.
He has led a significant turnaround in both the operational performance and culture of the network.
One of the most important contributions was his experience in how to manage a network.
He'd leverage co-workers, him network, managers-whatever it took.
He would be an asset to any organization in need of improved operations management.
He has vast experience in setting up a telecom and distribution network as well as managing the operation.
John is a trusted employee/partner that is capable and knowledgeable when it comes to networks and their operation and migration.
John's command of the company's network typology and operating systems was clearly evident.