Network Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Network Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is well networked and interacts well with hiring managers.
Through his vast network of contacts, he knows very in the on the upcoming projects, bids.
He has an excellent contact network and is always extremely enthusiastic about new projects.
He is a great Networker and always seems to ferret out synergies within other projects.
He effectively uses his network to solve significant project problems.
John always knows where is the cutting edge; it was a pleasure to follow the projects he managed through random networks.
He also has extensive experience in project delivery and project management.
John was hired to be the project manager for a large cross functional project.
He had done a networking project in one of our branches and managed to deliver swiftly as per our requirement.
His management of the project was extremely successful, enabling several years of network utilization.
He has a solid understanding of project management and professional networking.
He managed and provided leadership to our difficult network projects throughout our regional areas.
His attention to detail and knowledge of networking and project management techniques ensure that projects run smoothly.
John has been the kind of project manager who will absorb all kinds of tasks that come into the project still appear very cool and calm.
John is an excellent project manager who has shown an ability to drive results even on the most complex projects.
He is a reliable project manager who can confidently move forward projects of various degrees of complexity.
His networking ability is good and that saves the project during the crisis.
I have observed him first-hand in project and networking activities.
He was recruited into a project management role after the project has been already under way.
His network is wide and beneficial to the opportunities he manages.
John was excellent to work with on our network upgrade project.
Technically, he has a well-rounded knowledge base with strengths in networks and project management.
He was the project manager for a complex voice and data network infrastructure upgrade project.
I would definitely want him on leading network efforts on my projects.
John is an adept project manager capable of tackling nearly any project with his own ingenuity and the network of developers he maintains.
He networks well and is never slow to come along side of other peoples' projects to help them be successful.
He is excellent at networking and has connections that could be important to a project.
He championed many projects in the area of mobile and networking.
In doing this, he led project teams across these geographies, showing strong ability in multi-functional/geography network and project management.
He knows how to network with other managers in various parts of the world.
Shortly after his assignment, he was up to speed with the project and had established a very structured project management approach which allowed us to fulfil the project successfully.
John is an amazing Networker - he makes connections and gets projects up and running in a seamless way.
He excels at networking and is brilliant when it comes to matching up qualified projects with investors.
John is an expert Networker and has the ability to match up individuals and projects where everyone wins.
I am convinced that he never sleeps as he is constantly creating new, exciting projects and networks.
John always has new ideas for moving projects forward and is a great collaborator and Networker.
John is an excellent networking online and offline and he can always count on us for his projects.
He brings individuals/businesses together for networking and visioning for big picture projects.
He is able to balance many projects and activities at once and is fabulous at networking.
He makes networking a lifelong project instead of a crude deadline.
He has proven to be invaluable, not just for the signage projects, but also his networking knowledge for a number of additional projects.
He somehow knows everyone, and he manages his network with utmost integrity.
He has a wealth of experience in managing people, projects and networking opportunities.
John provided network expertise and executed network project tasks willingly and promptly.
John is well known for his delivery and project management capabilities.
I would recommend him for any large projects that require a detail oriented project manager.
He has strengths in infrastructure, networking, servers, project management amongst others.
He is tireless in maintaining networks and putting energy into his projects.
John is a project focused manager who is determined to complete the project within time and budget.
John managed the very complex sunset project as a program manager and made the project complete within the tight deadline.
He has all the initiative and "can do" attitude you will need in internationally networked projects.
John is a good Networker, reliable and result driven manager for his portfolio of projects.
John has an uncanny ability to manage and troubleshoot complex networks.
He is amazing while working on the critical network projects.
John is not only a strategic leader, he's very effective in managing projects and networking.
He had very creative ideas, super project management and a good network of contacts.
He has done many good things to our network, and he is managing most of network services at our dorm campus.
John is a great Networker and also provides conscientious network management services.
In addition, he managed the network infrastructure for our company.
He also reached out to him network to gather useful information for the project.