Networking Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Networking Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His communication skill and networking skills are second to none.
Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
He has very good communication skills.
His communication and cooperation skills are excellent.
John is very cooperative and communicative.
During our cooperation he has shown cooperative spirit and excellent communication skills.
He's involved in the community, known in the community and respected in the community.
I recommend him for him communication and collaboration skills.
He has very strong communication and collaboration skills.
John has excellent communication and collaboration skills.
He has effective communication and networking skills.
John is known for his communication skills.
I would always recommend him to anybody regarding his communication skills.
I am impressed with his communication and networking skills.
He has good communication & networking skills.
He has excellent communication and networking skills.
John has excellent communication and networking skills.
Him networking and communication skills can be known as legendary.
His communication and collaboration skills are also very good.
He has fascinating communication and collaboration skills.
He is well networked and known throughout the community.
We are not all networks, but we are all in need of community.
John has good communication skills and he communicates with impact.
With his communication skills he is able to communicate on all levels.
His communication skills are among the best I've ever seen, regardless of the communication medium.
He has exceptional leadership skills, writing skills and communication skills.
He has outstanding leadership skills, communication skills, and HR skills.
John has good communication skills, interpersonal skills, & technical skills.
He has great technical skills, communication skills, leadership skills, and organisational skills overall.
I really appreciate his networking skills.
His presentation skills and communication skills are amazing.
He has excellent communication skills and analytical skills.
Not only are his IT skills, strong but so are his communication skills.
He is clearly skilled in the art of communication and soft-skills.
John has excellent writing skills as well as communication skills.
John is technically skilled, and also has great communication skills.
Great communication skills, exceptional follow-up skills.
Has great communication skills and management skills.
The finance skills and the communication skills were very good.
His communication skills and presentation skills are beyond superb.
He has excellent communication skills and management skills.
He has great communication skills and interpersonal skills.
He has excellent communication skills and language skills.
He has superb analytical skills as well as communication skills.
He has excellent communication skills and presentation skills.
John has excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills.
I am very impressed by his presentation skills and communication skills.
He has superior communication skills and technical skills.
John really do appreciate his multiple skills and above all the way he communicates.
John has excellent communication skills.
His communication skills are also evident.
His communication skills are also outstanding.
Great interpersonal and communication skills.
His communication skills are beyond reproach.
He is a skilled communicator and effective collaborator.
Easy to get along with and has excellent communication skills.
John is collaborative, engaging and has excellent communication skills.
He has great communicating skills and knows how to motivate associates.
He has strong analytical, collaborative and communication skills.
John's communication skills and attitude to his associates has always been appreciable.
Students come away very impressed with what he has to say and the networking skills he teaches.
His networking skills are uncanny, he's one of those guys that seems to know everyone you could need to know and is always willing to help out whenever he can.
His networking skills are second to none - he's well known and appreciated all over our organisation, at our company.
But if he can't help you, he certainly knows someone who can thanks to his major social skills and network.
Combining this with his seamless networking skills he ensures that he has all the help he can get.
He is very skilled at networking and has many contacts that he is willing to pass on to others.
John's networking skills are outstanding and this is where he has added so much value for him.
He also has the networking skills that are needed to get things moving within the organization.
He is always willing to try new challenges, take initiatives and has great networking skill.
Also, he has great networking skills, which can be beneficial to him and those around him.
John has also great networking skills and knows how to use them with tact and diplomacy.
He is quite approachable and has an even temperament with excellent networking skills.
His networking skills are impeccable and he goes out of his way to facilitate the deal.
The one thing he is best at is networking, a skill he has perfected over the years.
Yet, he maintained his networking and interpersonal skills far from being political.
John's networking skills are exemplary and he is extremely well liked and respected.
John's networking and leadership skills would be an asset to any organization.
Because of his great networking skills we never had any issue with the speakers.
He is also highly skilled at networking and collaborating with other agencies.
But he knows how to marry his skills and network to help any organization grow.
John's two outstanding skills are his tenacity and his networking ability.
If you haven't met him because of his incredible networking skills, you must.
John is an accomplished Networker with exceptional organisational skills.
His techniques have helped him become more confident in his networking skills.
He has exceptional networking skills where he leverages on the right value.
John is quick to help and possesses networking skills that are enviable.
He's way ahead of the crowd in terms of adopting new skills and networks.
His networking skills over the years have gone from strength to strength.
His follow through is incredible and his networking skills are unmatched.
He has got great networking skills, is very collaborative and inspiring.
People also trust him and his networking skills are honed in like radar.
Extremely approachable and very helpful, he has good networking skills.
He focused on the "listening skills" necessary in bilateral networking.
He is very friendly and him networking and listening skills are honed.
He's a skilled Networker who knows how to make meaningful connections.
Team player and networking skills make his profile worth and complete.
Always willing to help with his social networking assets and skills.
His networking skills and zeal to position himself is extraordinary.
His networking skills with candidates and vendors are his strength.
His networking skills are out of this world and can talk to anyone.
He brings across new ideas, networking skills and very committed.
His skills of connecting have helped him to be a better Networker
He is an expert in follow up and has excellent networking skills.
He is possessed with exemplary networking and convincing skills.
His networking skills come naturally and simply cannot be taught.
His networking skills are also something never fails to amaze him.
Him networking skills are amazing and his enthusiasm infectious.
He is truly dependable & possess tremendous networking skills.
His innovative networking skills had brought him to this level.
He uses his networking skills to ensure success is delivered.
John's networking skills are what immediately jumped out to him.
His network, his skills and his reputation are all top notch.
When it comes to soft skills and networking, he is a natural.
John very effectively, combines software & scripting skills with networking skills.
You even used your networking skills to help him win some new clients.
John has got the talent and the skills to make networking look easy.
He also has amazing networking abilities and his social and networking skills are highly commendable.
Bringing strong networking skills to the team, he did not hesitate to add to this skill set.
This wouldn't be possible without him excellent networking, people and orchestrating skills.
Goes out of his way to help and connect people, superb networking skills.
John is well-networked and this is testimony to his great people skills.
Another skill that sets him apart is his ability to network with people.
John has extremely good networking skills and is very self motivated.
John's is one of those people who has a natural skill for networking.
His skills at networking and connecting people are extraordinary.
He has excellent people skills and always has time for you and in a networking set-up his skills are invaluable.
He also makes great use of his interpersonal and networking skills both in and out of the classroom.
John has very good networking skills as well, which he uses effectively in his job.
These are skills that he also uses to great success during interviews and networking.
He also was invaluable in improving his networking and interviewing skills.
He helped him with his resume, cover letter, interview skills, networking skills and much, much more.
He also uses his skills and network to support other would be entrepreneurs.
Him networking skills pay off not only for him, but for all he supports.
His network skills and people skills make him an absolute joy to work with.
He gets along very well with the countries which is a good manifestation of his networking skills.
Excellent networking and leadership skills have obviously enabled him to reach where he is today.
He also brought him into networking through his expertise of putting his skills to his profession.
He has exceptional networking skills and an ability to enthuse others to become involved.
John is very outgoing and has great networking skills, he is not intimidated by anyone.
He has good networking skills and tremendous confidence in self that will take him far.
He is also passionate, enthusiastic and committed, with consummate networking skills.
His enthusiasm and skill for connecting and networking is impressive to say the least.
His vast experience and skills allow him to be an asset in any workplace and network.
John's skills and network will certainly be enormous assets wherever he ends up next.
His persistence and constant networking skills help him thrive in any environment.
His strong networking skill has made him famous amongst colleagues in the campus.
His social networking skills are also far in excess of most of his contemporaries
Him organisation skills contribute to the effective networking within the group.
Apart from his excellent managerial skills, he is quite good in networking too.
His networking skills are at a high level, one that very few others can reach.