News Reporter Performance Review Phrases Examples

News Reporter Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

The report he got back contained some rather distressing news.
Whence he once reported on the news, he knows how making the news in ethical, attention-catching ways.
Always appreciate his help when trying to think of something new.
He's not at all pushy, he keeps in touch be it good news, no news or not such good news.
In regards to journalism, the news reporting world is less without him.
This made things very easy for both the news reporters and his clients.
He will tell you like it is, even if the news is not what you want to hear.
And it's you and him that make the news not the other way around.
He always went above and beyond, and proactively called us with the news we needed, before it was news.
He's got stellar news judgment, and knows how to think beyond the news cycle.
He's also honest and up-front, even when the news is not good news.
He even took some good news photos to accompany his report
He's always a step ahead of the news as well, often anticipating what reporters will be covering the next day, even before the reporters know.
John is an accomplished news and sport reporter and presenter.
John reported to him directly for a while and is still in his organization.
John is new to the organization when he reported to him in this role.
John reported into his organization when he was at our company.
He did him the honour of asking him for his opinions and was kind enough to quote him in his news reports.
He demystifies and enlightens us about the inaccuracies of economic reporting in the news.
John also enjoys a healthy debate about what is news and why it needs to be reported.
He devours news and reports it with accuracy, balance and clarity.
John is a first-class reporter with excellent news judgement.
John is a great help to him in his duties as a news reporter.
Though he never reported to him directly, but we were in the same team
He knows everything there is to know about news, - and yet, unlike many of us, he hasn't become cynical or jaded.
Often, this requires him to think outside the box and come up with something new.
He always kept in contact, even if was to say that there was no news that week.
John consistently followed up with him even if there wasn't any news to provide.
He absolutely knows everyone and has no qualms getting to know someone new.
He is an outside-the-box thinker and is very willing to try something new.
He can do it all, and is not afraid to do what it takes to get the news.
Always keeps him posted with the most recent news and is very helpful.
He makes comforting those who are uncomfortable with something new.
He loves to take challenges even he comes across something very new.
Instead, he gets very energized with the challenge of something new.
You definitely want to hire him if you want to start something new.
And this is our company you can choose to make everything new.
Our company news is that you'll never get an email like that from John.
It was always great news to know that he would be his our company.
He's always straight to the point, be it good news or bad news.
He gives information the way news reporters appreciate it: straight.
Right when you think he couldn't get better at something, he branches out and becomes an expert in something new.
John is one of those people to whom you can't forward news - he already knows.
Each of his interactions with him has taught him something new.
He knows how to motivate and get the best out of his direct reports.
He always strives to do the right thing for the organization and those that report to him.
Whether they report to him or not, he is anxious to help anyone in the organization grow.
However, he never places any demands on his reports that he would not make of himself.
John always delivered to his leadership and those that reported on his organization.
He demanded much of his reports, but no more than he demanded of himself.
John understands the demands of reporters and the need to be responsive.
His reports are detailed and thorough and were always provided on time.
Working with him and reporting to him was in simple words "exciting".
He used to report back to him on all of his on-ground activities.
He's very organized, and comprehensive with him weekly reports.
John also was one of his favorites to introduce to news reporters because he could think on his feet, explain things and was always honest.
John also brings strong news judgment to the table with him reporting and anchoring.
His reporting is always fair and balanced, and he has a keen eye for news.
John has set the standard for news reporting for a long time.
When you have the opportunity to be around him, you know that you will always learn something new.
He strives to be the best he can and is always learning something new.
Our company was ever too much for John and he was always willing to help or to learn something new.
He's always available for him team even if you don't report to him directly.
He reported to him in several capacities and all of them were done well.
That goes for his teammates as well as for those to whom he reports.