Nice Performance Review Phrases Examples

Nice Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is also about as nice as they come, willing to do just about anything to help out.
Besides, it was always nice to speak to him as he is a very nice person
He's very nice and we still miss him, even after all those years.
It's nice to see him here and wish him all the best for his career.
He is not doing it because it is nice or the right thing to do.
It was really nice getting to know him while we were classmates.
Contact with him is very nice, he gives himself to our company.
Oh yeah - he was so nice about it all you couldn't help but but go out of your way for him.
It is nice to know that you only have to ask him to do something once and it will get done.
John is nice to everybody in the office, and just about everyone seemed to like him.
Team members have nothing but nice things to say about him and he is always personable.
What you see is what you get - he's honestly nice not only on the outside, but inside.
Super nice in the fact that he is somebody who does not need too much back-and-forth.
It's so nice because he'll try it and tell you if it's worth trying or going to see.
Thanks for being so nice and supportive to him and everyone else in the organisation.
It's nice to have someone like him to count on when you need something right away.
John misses him as the nice person he is and wish him all the best in the future.
It was really nice to our company with someone who is always up for the next challenge.
It's nice to know he is in his corner, always looking to help whenever possible.
He's also genuinely very nice, which is something in itself in this industry.
Lastly, the most important thing is that he is very nice to everyone at our company.
It was so nice to know you could count on him to get anything done necessary.
John it was so nice to meet you, thank you so much for your help and support.
Not only that, but he really is one of the really nice people in this world.
He's all this plus he's an all around nice guy, what more could you ask for.
And if that wasn't enough already, he's actually a really, really nice guy.
He also kept in our company after the whole process as well, which was very nice.
Though our interaction was brief but it was nice to know someone like him.
Best of all, he pays when he says he will, and is an all-around nice guy.
He is always smiling and always has nice things to say, even in passing.
Above all he was a nice colleague with whom it was always nice working.
This probably comes natural for him since he is an all-around nice guy.
John is always willing to help and it is always nice working with him.
He is an all around "nice guy" and is always out to help his teammates.
He is very nice, always approachable and willing to help the students.
He knows what he is doing and on top of that, he is extremely nice.
He is there with some colleagues and we had some nice conversations.
Added to that, he is an all round nice guy who gets on with everyone.
He's really nice and seemed to make the whole process go by faster.
Far and away his best asset, however, is that he is a really nice guy
It is nice to our company for someone you know would always have your back.
He is nice and sweet and is always available whenever you need him.
He has a nice way of getting the most out of everyone on the team.
Everything he did sit nicely in between the possible and the ideal.
Top that off with the fact that he is just an all around nice guy.
It's nice to have him as a colleague because of his trustworthiness.
He really goes above and beyond - and he is a truly nice person.
Besides getting things done, he is also nice to the team members.
Besides all of that, he is one of the nice guys in this business.
He always has something nice to say every opportunity he gets.
It was nice of him to follow up to everyone as he said he would.
Excellent our company was always done and the interaction was very nice.
It would be nice working with him again our company in the future.
John and his staff are always very knowledgeable and very nice.
It is nice to know him and have him in the implementation team.
Personally, he is a nice person and nice to have on your side.
Besides that he is an entrepreneur and all round nice guy.
The genuine nice bloke that will go out of his way to help others.
He has nice personalities and gets along with his colleagues.
But, it was really nice to see, that he let others shine too.