Nonverbal Communication Performance Review Phrases Examples

Nonverbal Communication Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is a great communicator and an asset to the community in which he lives.
He is an excellent communicator, able to communicate at all levels, clearly and precisely.
John is passionate about his community and facilitating communication across agencies and providers.
John is a highly effective and efficient (nonverbal) communicator.
He can almost become my voice when communicating because he is so adaptable.
Before the course, started he communicated with me stating he was looking forward to the course.
Most of our communication was through email and he always responded quickly.
He communicates very clearly via email and it made no difference at all.
His communication is clear and to the point, particularly in emails.
He communicates, not only like most of us do, but with the power of touching our hearts.
The reputation that he has amongst the photographic community is only to be admired.
His voice and email communications with me were appropriate and to the point.
He can also be relied upon to facilitate communications and introductions.
He is an excellent facilitator and an outstanding communicator.
He can think outside the box and harness the power of community.
John communicates very well and is very strategic in his approach.
John's connections were crucial to this as he was clearly well liked within the publisher community.
I was reporting and communicating directly to him during this period.
John has always been prompt in his communications with me and always returns my email quickly.
He makes sure that everything runs smoothly and handles the communications with our venue.
He can communicate well at all levels and doesn't shy away from new responsibilities.
I really like his thirst for trying new tools and approaches to communications.
He communicates well and is respected by all levels within an organisation.
He is comfortable with communications at all levels in the company.
John is very confident and can easily communicate with all levels.
He adapted well to the often rushed nature of email communication.
He has a deep understanding of strategic communication and how to apply it to any given communications situation.
Him communication plan really raised awareness across several communication channels.
John provides great insights into nonverbal communication, especially for women.
John's ability to communicate is unmatched and versatile in the arts and within our company.
John' communication was excellent and the turnaround in communications with his new employer was very timely and accurate.
John's dedication, communication, and willingness to go above and beyond has helped us grow our regional communities and established community relationships.
John always goes above and beyond when he wants to engage with community members.
John has never let that change the way he communicates with him or his department.
John lent his communications expertise to polish and improve his communication plans.
If there is something not going as per plan, he always communicates and that is very critical
And he did this by communicating clearly to him and others him vision and plans.
He cares about our community and wants what is best for all of its citizens.
He listens and get the right message communicated at our company.
He truly cares for everyone and is sincere in every communication.
His communication between both parties is timely and on message.
He communicates ideas, but, more important, he communicates vision and energy.
John also knows the art of 'communication' and always delivers.
Him a sense of community motivates and inspires many of our employees to volunteer and get involved within our communities.
John communicates well at all levels and always has the time to help other people.
He communicated with the publisher when necessary to clear up any questions.
He knows how to communicate with people, with the understandable attitude.
John can communicate well with all levels of people, and with confidence.
He focuses on the growth and well being of people and his community.
John listens to people well and communicates clearly and kindly.
John understands people through listening and his communication.
He is very good at listening to other people and communication.
He communicated with him before and after every interview with his employer.
For the whole process he was listening to his needs and he was very communicative.
More than that he brings an ease of communication without compromising on straight communication and laser focus.
Perhaps one of the things that he has done best has been his laser focus on open communication.
He communicates very well to make sure everyone knows what is needed to complete the job.
Moreover, his ability to communicate his solutions is one of his many strengths.
He communicates his messages very well and is well-received by participants.
He can communicate his thoughts very well both in his writing and presentation.
Excellent in communicating his ideas and interacting with all departments.
He presents well and is relaxed and communicative throughout our meeting.
He also writes well and is an accomplished communicator and presenter.
He never gets flustered, even when things are not going to plan, and communicates well with everyone to get us all on the same page.
John can communicate clearly, persuasively and gets the message across with exceptional results.
His plans were thorough and well thought out and his communication was very articulate.
He's excellent at communicating and keeps mailing to make sure that he's updated.
John communicates clearly and effectively, is very practical and organized.
He truly cares about our community and is anxious to help in any way he can.
He really took the time to understand and communicate his company message.
John understands how to communicate with and care about the stakeholder.
He takes care of all the little things and transparently communicates.
He plans ahead, communicates frequently, and follows up on any issues.
We felt that he honestly cared for our well-being and our community.
John's strengths are communication, intelligence and determination.
John then uses this plan as the basis for consistent communication.
This clears indicates his commitment and caring for his community.
He has tremendous strengths in communication and problem analysis.
He is well-spoken, plans him communication and has an agenda.
John is an inspired and committed fundraiser and communicator.