Normal Performance Review Phrases Examples

Normal Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His expectations were normal for a course, and this was anything but normal.
He is willing to try things that were outside of his normal routines.
John did whatever it took to get the job done, and often went above and beyond the normal call.
He is always willing to just plain get things done, even going beyond the normal workday.
He definitely goes above and beyond what is often the normal in consulting companies.
He gets along very well with his colleagues and always goes beyond his normal duties.
He is never satisfied with doing what anyone else would have considered normal.
Besides that he was always willing to go above and beyond his normal job duties.
He always makes himself available to help, even outside normal business hours.
Activities that would be above and beyond for many people were normal for him.
He goes beyond the normal and can come up with some very spectacular dishes.
Stay out of his way if you only want to our company with the normal and the mundane.
John is always accessible, often above and beyond normal expectations.
Going above and beyond is his normal way of delivering - every our company.
Organizations today need people like him to think beyond the normal.
John is about challenging everyone about changing what's normal.
He is devoted to what he's doing much beyond normal standards.
John dedicated so much our company to getting him back to normal.
John's training goes well beyond the normal use of that word.
John is not like the normal recruiters that are in our company.