Nurse Case Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Nurse Case Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

And when he says he will get something done, you can be sure that is the case.
John is a very aggressive and hard working nurse case manager.
Keeps on top of all his cases and mentors him nurses as needed.
Even if he in the case won't be able to take your case he can recommend you to someone who does.
His approach towards use cases show cased his value at several occasions.
He was always responsive and available, which is not always the case.
He makes it look easy when the opposite was most certainly the case.
He can be quite funny as well, although this is not always the case.
In every case, he followed through very thorough with each one.
I'm not going to say any more in case you don't know his story.
In most cases, he had things done before you even had to ask.
John is very organized and manages several cases efficiently and effectively.
He knows how things are to be accomplished and will not stop until that is the case.
He has come up with the right answer, in many, many cases when others have failed.
Requirements and use cases are always very thorough and he seems to just "get it".
He makes sure to cover all the use-cases and thoroughly think through problems.
His recommendations are usually well taken and adopted as it was in this case.
I wish him well and can be contacted in case you would like further reference.
John has been of great value to help us getting back on track with some cases.
He is driven by the cause he believes in and that keeps him on the case.
He'll describe himself as being obsessive, which is certainly the case.
In each case, he understood my needs and what we were looking for.
He even helped on cases that were not directly his responsibility.
He was all about the "client/customer" or in his case, learners.
Just in case you didn't know, he's also an all-around great guy.
I very much appreciate his insights when collaborating on cases.
I could always turn to him for help and elaboration of any case.
In both cases, he has excelled both within and beyond his role.
In every case he had not just succeeded, but actually excelled.
He was always found to be ready to help in any case we brought.
John took responsibility and followed all cases until solved.
Without some of his recommendations, way may have lost cases.
John only regret is that he is not portable in my briefcase.
He follows through on every task he is faced with and goes above and beyond in most cases.
In both cases it was my privilege to do so, as he knows what he is doing at all times.
He never let the stress get the better of him or me until the case was closed.
His input on many of my cases helped result in the case being successfully closed.
He is always approachable and more importantly available when you need him and keeps you up to speed with the case.
In case you are making him responsible for something you can be sure that he will do his best to make things done.
John has always kept his promise, and also told honestly that he cannot help, if that is the case.
John has an innate ability to make everything he does look easy, which is very often not the case.
In both cases, he never delivered anything that wasn't above and beyond our wildest expectations.
He has solved cases nobody would think they could be solved, just because he was so vigorous.
He always looks at the problems from different dimensions which is not the case with others.
I have no doubt that this will always be the case regardless of the endeavor he's pursuing.
He will tell you what he thinks is right and, somewhat annoyingly, that is often the case.
Whenever you are stuck, you can definitely count on him in case of any help or inputs.
The only holdups were sadly down to me, but he did say that is usually the case.
In either case, he is very easy to get along with and is always happy to help out.
He always took ownership and followed through on the cases he was involved with.
Finally, he is very easy to get on with an has an infectious case of positivity.
In case he does not know, then he is ready to search for it and let you know.
He is willing to take on difficult cases and sees them through to the end.
I have seen him various roles and in each case he was extremely effective.
He will not disappoint and will, in most cases, exceed your expectations.
He not only took up the challenges, but exceed expectations in many cases.
In many cases, the selling environment, he was in was very challenging.
I am particularly impressed with his perseverance in closing his cases.
I was very pleased with his representation and the outcome of our cases.
Personal attention to your case is another thing that distinguishes him.