Objective Performance Review Phrases Examples

Objective Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His objective is to do the best for the project and its objectives.
John represents someone who knows what their objectives are, but also knows how to achieve those objectives.
He is always willing to help others and in doing so help them meet their objectives.
He always went above and beyond to make sure that his objectives were always met.
John is very knowledgeable and looks for the best way to get to your end objective.
John is focused and will not let anything get in the way of his objective.
He definitely knows what he wants and how to reach his objectives.
Not only did he get to know him, but also his clients' objectives.
He's always asking how he can help him achieve his objectives.
Always there if you need something even at the our company moment, he will do whatever he can and more to fulfill the objective.
Only then does he begin to ask more about what your objectives are and will get you to see things in a whole new light.
John is one of those people who knows exactly what they are doing and always have certain objectives in their life.
He knows how to help people get the best out of themselves and our company together towards the same objective.
John keeps the team's objectives ahead of his own and is always willing to help get things done.
He's always focused on the organizational objectives and do everything to achieve those objectives.
Everyone knew if an objective was given to him that it would be done well and expeditiously.
He knows exactly what he's doing, knows how to explain it and to move towards the objective.
He went out of his way to help him get through and achieved his objective of getting the job.
He will do what it takes to make sure you have what you need to accomplish your objectives.
John has always taken on difficult objectives, especially when nobody else was willing.
John did whatever it took to not just hit his objectives, but exceed his sales objectives.
He knows very clearly what needs to be done to achieve an objective, and never gives up.
John is more than willing to do whatever it took to meet our objectives and standards.
He is always available to help others with his objectivity and pragmatic explanations.
When the objectives are set he goes for it at don't quit before the objectives is met.
Working with him was always great as he always kept all of our eyes on the objective.
Although he will say that he does not achieve all his objectives, don't believe it.
He knows what he wants and consequently the objectives he must achieve to get it.
He is killed at what he does and follows through and delivers on these objectives
He'll get very far with his career, and his objectives will always be achieved.
He has always been proactive, and is always available to discuss our objectives.
John gets things done quickly and never gets distracted from the end objective.
John is willing to do all that is necessary to meet and exceed his objectives.
He always followed through with his projects to make sure they met the objectives
He understood our objectives and always did his best to get them accomplished.
When he has an idea, he makes everything possible to succeed in his objectives.
He always made sure he understood what our end objective was for every request.
John knows how to get things done to accomplish the predetermined objectives.
He commits himself into everything he does as he is always objective-driven.
He doesn't let up or let go easily, once he has committed to an objective.
He has the right temperament to keep him cool always and think objectively.
However, he doesn't do this to the detriment of his team or their objectives.
His objective is to help his clients achieve their financial objectives.
He is treating other people/colleagues/friends reasonably and objectively.
All you had to do was explain what the objectives were and then let him go.
So he is never tired of trying and trying until the objective is achieved.
He looks at our company objective, then objectively takes it to the next level.
Concentrated, objective, he does everything he can to achieve his targets.
He is very objective, energetic and knows exactly where he wants to go.
He is able to look at situations from the outside and be more objective.
John is an example to all in being dedicated in achieving an objective.
He looks at things objectively and knows what employers are looking for.
This together with the desire to do allow him to achieve the objectives.
John never complains and do everything he can to overachieve objectives.
John knows very well what are his objectives and follow them closely.
John however was more than just accomplishing goals and objectives.
Asking the right questions to make him think about his future objectives.
He is dedicated to his team objectives as well as corporate objectives.
He is unstoppable when it comes to having you fulfill your objectives.
He does it despite the business objectives that he is also very focussing