Observant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Observant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

In our observations of him, he seems very effective and observant.
He would quietly observe the things and make out very interesting observations.
If anyone observed him truly then can get to know about his transformation.
He is also very observant and will help others whenever the need arises.
He has not taken advantage of anyone but himself to his observation.
He is observant and honest is what he can tell you about what you are doing, right or wrong.
Anyone who's worked with him would likely make the same observations in very little our company.
John somehow can do both almost effortlessly, and it is really inspirational to observe.
He is observed as an example for other, becoming mentors/coach for some of them.
Furthermore, you can see that he is always observing, assessing, and listening.
Not only does he really know what he is doing, but he is a brilliant observer.
He carefully observes both what is being said and what is between the lines.
This was because of his depth of observation - he really knows the field.
All of this has given him enough opportunity to observe him very closely.
The observations and experiments he made are still useful to him today.
Through his observation, he is someone who is very hands-on on his our company.
More often than not, his observations were well considered and correct.
The second best thing is his ability to reflect on what he observes.
Experimental in his judicious observation of all things not him.
These are his observations after working with him for six years.
One of his best characteristics was that he observed so keenly.
He would let you take the helm while he sat back and observed.
His perceptions are more than observations; they are insights.
His observations about him are listed below for your reference.
Being very observant he comes up with solutions in no our company.
During that our company he has been very interesting to observe.
He truly observes their needs, strengths and value to our company.