Observation Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Observation Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

This skill has come with his years of rich experience and fantastic observational skills.
His leadership skills are clearly evident when you observe him in action.
I had the opportunity to observe him skills on display in the workplace.
John is very skilled in making observations and sharing insights.
John's impeccable observation skills ensured nothing was missed.
I value his insight and keen observation and assessment skills.
John made me want to continually improve my skills, not only because he was so skilled, but because he encouraged me in my strengths.
His observational and far-sighting skills make him prominent in his peers.
He is always first with an incisive observation and has always impressed with his determination and leadership skills.
He has sharp observation skills, and is passionate about insight mining.
I have observed his leadership skills and mentoring, it's seamless.
He would quietly observe the things and make out very interesting observations.
His experience can be observed in his situation handling skills.
He also has a very good observing skill which had been always helpful during the course of the study.
He has excellent communication skills, but is even better at observation.
He is continuously looking to improve his skill set and the skill set of those around him.
His observation skills are incomparable and the narrative style will leave one dumbfounded.
His observation skills, keenness to understand the business processes are great.
His strengths include good observation skills and thought leadership.
John also is very driven, constantly looking how he can improve his skills and always willing to help, which is such an important skill to have.
He is observant and honest is what he can tell you about what you are doing, right or wrong.
John somehow can do both almost effortlessly, and it is really inspirational to observe.
He was observed as an example for other, becoming mentors/coach for some of them.
Not only does he really know what he is doing, but he is a brilliant observer.
Listening and observing to what he was doing has helped me tremendously.
I have always found him to be insightful and astute in his observations.
I don't know how he does it, but it is a wonder to observe and behold.
His theories and observations were above and beyond our expectations.
This is something which, in my observation, came naturally to him.
His observations about me were not pleasant, but they were true.
He always helps out and makes things look easy to the observer.
One of his best characteristics was that he observed so keenly.
Once associated with him, it's difficult for one to not observe and admire his skills including his soft skills.
In our observations of him, he seems very effective and observant.
He is skilled, honest and realistic in his observations and recommendations.
Him competence levels and observational skills are refreshing.
Renjith has always been so observant of what he is doing and how he can take it to the next level.
If anyone observed him truly then can get to know about his transformation.
His approach to keep things under observation to keep happening on time is an excellent skill.
His expert observation skills were very useful for us in evaluating and sending in offers.
His observation and patience in these matters has helped him to improve his skills.
His skill set is growing rapidly, which is particularly impressive to observe.
His dedication, skills, insight and observations and persona are well known.
All of this has given him enough opportunity to observe him very closely.
More often than not, his observations were well considered and correct.
The second best thing is his ability to reflect on what he observes.
Experimental in his judicious observation of all things not him.
He is very observant in him questions as well as his responses.
He would let you take the helm while he sat back and observed.
His perceptions are more than observations; they are insights.
His observations about him are listed below for your reference.
He truly observes their needs, strengths and value to our company.