Office Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Office Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John and his office assistants are always on top of these deadlines and complete or assist him to complete the tasks on time.
We are not on the same team or in the same office, but he always makes himself available to assist in any way possible.
John has a knack to know when others needed help in the office and was more than willing to assist in whatever way he could.
He goes above and beyond to assist our office which can sometimes be a challenge because we can at times be demanding.
John's assistance and willingness have been invaluable with the many constituents served by our office.
John could often be reached after office hours to assist with any questions that could arise.
He took the time to assist others in the office with whatever task they needed help with.
He is also a great guy to have around the office, always assisting others when he could.
John grew into his role as an office assistant over his two year tenure.
What really sets him apart, however, is his willingness to assist on any client in the office.
He will always make time to assist anyone in the office if they need assistance on social media topics.
John assisted our team with an office move along with doing his other duties.
He even came to our office and assisted him with the application process.
We spoke almost every day over the telephone, especially when our office needed his assistance.
He consistently went above and beyond the call to assist virtually office employees.
Although we worked in different offices, he always found time to assist when needed.
His office was always open, and he provided individualized assistance and counsel to them.
John did an exceptional job in finding the right office assistant for our company.
He takes over his job seriously and readily assist you even after office hour.
John assisted him to help staff an office that was growing rapidly.
Additionally, his experience was invaluable in assisting other loan officers.
He is always willing to help and collaborate, no matter who is asking for his assistance or how long he is going to stay at the office to do it.
Additionally, he has a great heart and is always willing to assist in volunteer opportunities both inside, and outside of the office.
Liked and respected by all in the office, he was always willing to go the extra mile and assist his colleagues in any way possible.
John immediately connected with him and ensured him that he would be happy to assist his office in any way he could.
As an officer of the company, he is digelent in his duties and still willing to assist others as questions arise.
Never hesitates to come out of his office, physically, to assist with some of his challenging issues.
He also pitched in to assist his office at a time when it was greatly needed.
We greatly appreciated his assistance this summer as an intern in our office.
Most of the days, he was the last one who leaves the office to assist clients with their requirements.
He is always on the look out for new tools to assist the recruiters in the office.
He assisted him in setting up his back office of his small business.
Not only did he excel at his tasks at hand, but he continually offered assistance to those in need around the office.
He always brought a positive attitude into the office and was one who would go out of his way to assist his peers.
He is very prompt and knowledgeable, and always willing to assist him/our office with our needs.
John works effortlessly between groups and is happy to assist others in the office.
Since then, he has maintained contact with us and assisted us in relocating to our current, larger office.
He's very proactive and can anticipate the needs of the office and assist with execution.
He is not only an asset to the office team, but also to the customers whom he assisted.
He took all assistants and we walked around the office, he was pinpointing everything that was not aligned with the brand.
John consistently went above and beyond expectations, and was always a step ahead, when providing executive assistance, and over-all office assistance.
He has assisted him to a new position in our head office and made sure everything went smoothly.
John hired him for assisting him in the student counselor's office.
John not only arranged it all for him without having to leave his office, but went out of his way to assist with delivery that was easy for his end.
He's always collaborated, eager to help, wants to understand how he can assist to make our regional offices more successful.
John can assist you with organizing and teaching you how to keep organized after he has left your home or office.
He also provided further assistance when office space for interviews was tight, by freeing up some space in his offices for our team to use.
His willingness to extend assistance and support to others in the office is like none other.
John assisted him on several deals as a mortgage officer for more than six years.
He regularly assists colleagues with their territories and opportunities as well as being an all round great bloke to have in the office.
John always had a strong positive attitude within the office, always willing to take time to assist you with any help that you needed.
His office door was always open, and he was always willing to assist his subordinates, even when solving the smallest of problems.
John successfully assisted his company with our search for a new office space last year.
He assisted him to set up a home office and sort through and organize old files.
He creates a positive vibe in the office and is always ready to assist you.
He is always available for assistance, and even mentored the more junior interns in the office.
His assistance often comes at odd hours due to time zone differences between our respective offices, yet he is always quick to step up and assist.
John and his assistant improved the sound system in his office drastically.
John definitely "stepped up to the plate" by assisting our office with the creation and implementation of our new website.
He guided him through the acquisition of his office building and assisted in various negotiations.
It was a pleasure to assist him with meeting preparation and always a joy to have him come into the office.
He quickly masters new tasks and is self motivated, looking for opportunities to assist in the office.
In the office, he was fun to work with, balancing him workload and willing to assist others.
He assisted him in the implementing our company as our office supply vendor.
Be it our company, in office meetings, or on-site assistance he is always there to help us get the best out of our education.
Not only does he get the job done, but he will complete it with a smile on his face whilst being available to assist everyone else in the office at the same time.
John assisted him with his 'personal branding' to help him have more impact in the office.
He also could easily get along with people and nice to talk with, hence most people in our office are convenient ask for his assistance.
Muir was flexible in providing support by being available after office hours to assist him.
He went over and above in assisting him when he was only in town during the weekend, opening his office at a time convenient to him, not him.
Whether it's assisting them in clearing out the clutter in their home of reorganizing their office, he takes them from chaos to calm.
John is exceptionally tuned in to the needs and wants of our growing company, as he assisted in planning for our office move.