Office Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Office Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is the one you want for an office manager.
John was not a manager who just stayed in the office and managed from afar.
He's usually first in the office or has already called you on his way into the office.
John was always there to help in any way with others in the office.
John is someone who is liked by everyone in the office.
He's the first one in and last one out of the office.
I also know from other former colleagues that he did well when involved in the management of the office.
John was everything you would look for in an executive assistant and office manager.
He is also one of the most popular people managers in the office.
I used to wonder how he manages to complete his own office chores.
He managed the systems across all of the offices satisfactorily.
It is only fitting that he was appointed manager of his office.
He lets us do our jobs and does not "micro-manage" the office.
John was very creative in the work he managed from our office.
John is an outstanding officer and disciplined manager.
I would recommend him for any office management position.
He managed my office and kept it working efficiently.
John served as our office manager for several years.
Him management of the guidance office is excellent.
He was the senior manager and my reporting officer.
John is one of the best office managers I have come across.
John is a very responsible manager in the area of HR and office management.
John wore many hats from recruiting to office management to staff management.
He went above and beyond to help anyone in need, whether it was in the office or elsewhere.
He is meticulous with every decision, whether it is at the office or outside of the office.
He was well liked by everyone at the office, and just about everyone seemed to like him.
He was always willing to help others around the office and was well liked by his peers.
John has gone out of his way to help me and others in the office better themselves.
John is really on the ball when it comes to just about everything around the office.
He always got along with people and was well liked by everyone in the office.
He is often the first one in to the office and one of the last ones out.
John is the key to just about everything that gets done in our office.
John is always first in the office and always last out of the door.
He did all this right in my own office which was really convenient.
He is well known around the office because of his can-do attitude.
He is someone you look forward to seeing in the office every day.
John was one of the best things that happened to my office.
He will be the last one in the office if we have deadlines.
Didn't see him do anything else apart from office work.
I had learnt much from him, both in and away from the office.
Loved working with him and miss seeing him in the office.
He did whatever it took to make the office successfully.
Involved in his office, he always knows what going on.
John is very responsive to the needs of our office.
He was the go-to person for everyone in the office.
He gives 110% to everything he does in and out of the office.
I had an office in the same area near John's office.
On many occasions, especially when it comes to his office work, he managed to do it well, near to perfection.
John has gone above and beyond his daily responsibilities to help manage this group out of his office.
He is not one to manage from an office, but from being out on the front lines himself.
I recommended him as an assistant for our office when our manager became overwhelmed.
One of the things he manages very effectively is setting the mood in the office.
He manages to have good relations with everyone in the office and even the clients.
John is a very personable manager who work well with everyone in our office.
He is an incredible mentor to his partners and other managers in his office.
John was my secretary for almost a year and also was the office manager.
I would recommend him to anyone who requires an organiser or office manager.
If you are looking for a make-it-happen office manager, you just found him.
He is constantly on top of things and manages the office very smoothly.
He was very efficient in his time management on site and in the office.
He'll help you move your family across the country or manage your office while you hunt for a new manager-he might even find you the new manager.
As our office manager there he was required to exercise a great deal of independent judgement when managing our office.
He also manages to get along with everyone, including the prickly types to be found in every office.
John is the office manager and he eased him through the necessary requirements in this new role.
John managed vendors across the globe and could be found in the office at almost any hour.
John describes himself as an office manager, but that is the understatement of the century.
His efforts resulted in creating better value for each of the offices we were managing.
He basically managed the whole office here making sure everyone was on task.
If he needs to handle the office management role he has that experience.
He managed his time well and was a pleasure to have around the office.
John imbibes the management by walking around the philosophy in office.
He managed multiple offices and always provided a resolution.
It's no surprise that he's now at the top & managing the our company office.
John has been an exceptional manager for the back office team.
As president, he is managing and mentoring the officers of the club.
While managing the office, he was always able to multi-task and support various groups within the office.
John is a very detail oriented office manager, he is both involved and in tuned to the needs of all members of the office.
He is a wonderful office manager and he kept our hectic office extremely organized and moving on a pace
He easily managed projects and people, both within his office and in our remote offices.
He manages his company with the best of the best loan officers.
To him that is the best quality an office manager can possess.
He managed the office well and could always be trusted, not only to help out with confidential matters, but also to keep them confidential.
He made an immediate impact in our office for those he managed, and helped make many beneficial changes and precedents.
His managerial and the attitude he has created within his office make each day something to look forward to.
And with everything that he did, he somehow still managed to whip together amazing office happy hours.
He always managed to keep the positivity in the office, even during times of high pressure.
John never ceased to amaze him with his ability to successfully manage the whole office.
The office he manages often out-performs others in the company because of his leadership.
He cleaned up the messes that the previous office managers had accumulated.
John will bring instant stability to the office environment he manages.
John does more than simply manage an office: he injects life into it.
John recently held a time management workshop at our offices.
He also translated the website of our company for us and managed the office in his absence.
In addition to managing his own team very well, he also galvanized the rest of the office and revitalized the office culture.
He also managed many of the logistical issues for these offices.
John is very enthusiastic about our program management office.
He is a go getter and has turned around the attitude in the offices he manages and a place to now work in those offices.
John also organised the office managing supplies and procedures.
John also demands as much of himself as he does for others, often being the first one in the office and the last one to leave.
He's hardworking - always the first one into the office & very organized.
There is no wonder why his office is one of the top in the nation.
He always kept things organized and running around the office.
We still use his own configured and managed server in the office.
He's a great resource not only for those he manages, but also for anybody else in the office.
He goes beyond expectations and displays genuine integrity while at the office and also away from the office.
He ensures that the office is clean and well presented as an office of an our company organization.
Under his direction, both offices were ranked as the top two offices for our company nationally.
John managed a range of new initiatives as they came into the project management office.
As office manager, he was also responsible for administering the employee benefits and risk management.
He is highly regarded by his management and well liked by everybody, he related to in the office and the company.
The dealership, which he managed had three distinct branches as well as office personnel.
John also managed a complex office relocation which went very smoothly.
John managed the our company office and reported directly into him.
As the office manager, he is reliable, hard-working, and made sure the office ran nothing short of smooth.
Some like himself where relocations from other offices or elsewhere in the country.
He is always ready and willing to accept additional responsibility which served him well as he eventually accepted the duties of office manager for the office.
He is one of the few managers that could have built an office from scratch, and he did an impressive job.
It was a phenomenal improvement he made in terms of managing the tools office.
John did an excellent job managing the office of our company.
As an officer, administrator he basically manages the office areas and needs.
John, his former manager, can always be found hard at work in his office.
John is also incredibly well-liked in the office and it was clear why he was given advancement, more responsibility, and recognition amongst management.
As a manager, he was always available both in and out of the office, which helped accelerate the growth of everyone around him.
He easily made decisions to manage what needs to be done, and his door to the office was always open, and still is.
He has regularly been in the office before others and left after they did, managing multiple demands on his time.
John exemplified this through the consistent positive and friendly approach he took to managing the office.
His pleasant and easy going management style made one want to be at the office and strive for the best.
What stands out for him about his style as an office manager, is how much he cares about all of us.
John is an excellent office manager because he is very efficient and is a very good organiser.
John shared office management duties and was always approachable with any special requests.
John manages his office with passion and enthusiasm, striving for excellence at all times.
John is everything you'd want in an office manager - efficient, professional and reliable.
John would be an asset to any company needing an excellent and reliable office manager.
The offices profitability became a natural result of his style of management.
As an office manager, he possessed all the attributes a company needs.
Our company, John spent countless hours with him in his office to discuss management.
Our company, we became colleagues as division managers for hardwoods in our John office.
This office is consistently one of their biggest offices and he had to manage a lot of employees to make sure their credentials and requirements were up-to-date.
More importantly, he is very organized and will go out of his way to help around the office in any way possible.
And make sure he's got the keys as he will be the first one to arrive to the office every morning.
More importantly, he cared for the well-being of everyone inside and outside the office.
He'd go back to the drawing board and be back in your office in two to three days.
John makes sure that every everyone at his office and are well taken care of.
John truly cares about his employees and what goes on outside of the office.
John is clearly an asset to our office and our company, and he will go far.
He not only cares about who you are at the office, but also outside of it.
He'll talk his way into your office and keep you hanging on every word.
John is an officer who goes to in-depth study of the issues.
Turned around the performance of his office since taking the helm.
John is very helpful in organizing and redecorating his office.