Office Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Office Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John is the one you want for an office manager.

John was not a manager who just stayed in the office and managed from afar.

He's usually first in the office or has already called you on his way into the office.

John was always there to help in any way with others in the office.

John is someone who is liked by everyone in the office.

He's the first one in and last one out of the office.

I also know from other former colleagues that he did well when involved in the management of the office.

John was everything you would look for in an executive assistant and office manager.

He is also one of the most popular people managers in the office.

I used to wonder how he manages to complete his own office chores.

He managed the systems across all of the offices satisfactorily.

It is only fitting that he was appointed manager of his office.

He lets us do our jobs and does not "micro-manage" the office.

John was very creative in the work he managed from our office.

John is an outstanding officer and disciplined manager.

I would recommend him for any office management position.

He managed my office and kept it working efficiently.

John served as our office manager for several years.

Him management of the guidance office is excellent.

He was the senior manager and my reporting officer.

John is one of the best office managers I have come across.

John is a very responsible manager in the area of HR and office management.

John wore many hats from recruiting to office management to staff management.

He went above and beyond to help anyone in need, whether it was in the office or elsewhere.

He is meticulous with every decision, whether it is at the office or outside of the office.

He was well liked by everyone at the office, and just about everyone seemed to like him.

He was always willing to help others around the office and was well liked by his peers.

John has gone out of his way to help me and others in the office better themselves.

John is really on the ball when it comes to just about everything around the office.

He always got along with people and was well liked by everyone in the office.

He is often the first one in to the office and one of the last ones out.

John is the key to just about everything that gets done in our office.

John is always first in the office and always last out of the door.

He did all this right in my own office which was really convenient.

He is well known around the office because of his can-do attitude.

He is someone you look forward to seeing in the office every day.

John was one of the best things that happened to my office.

He will be the last one in the office if we have deadlines.

Didn't see him do anything else apart from office work.

I had learnt much from him, both in and away from the office.

Loved working with him and miss seeing him in the office.

He did whatever it took to make the office successfully.

Involved in his office, he always knows what going on.

John is very responsive to the needs of our office.

He was the go-to person for everyone in the office.

He gives 110% to everything he does in and out of the office.

I had an office in the same area near John's office.

On many occasions, especially when it comes to his office work, he managed to do it well, near to perfection.

John has gone above and beyond his daily responsibilities to help manage this group out of his office.

He is not one to manage from an office, but from being out on the front lines himself.

I recommended him as an assistant for our office when our manager became overwhelmed.

One of the things he manages very effectively is setting the mood in the office.

He manages to have good relations with everyone in the office and even the clients.

John is a very personable manager who work well with everyone in our office.

He is an incredible mentor to his partners and other managers in his office.

John was my secretary for almost a year and also was the office manager.

I would recommend him to anyone who requires an organiser or office manager.

If you are looking for a make-it-happen office manager, you just found him.

He is constantly on top of things and manages the office very smoothly.

He was very efficient in his time management on site and in the office.