Office Worker Performance Review Phrases Examples

Office Worker Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John's presence in the office was very vibrant and he encouraged so many coworkers to do things better.
He is an aggressive worker, in the office before others arrive and there long after they leave.
John is an extremely hard worker who takes pride in everything that comes out of his office.
He is also dedicated worker as he is able to follow up with me even after office hours.
He is the hardest worker in our office and extremely diligent in everything he does.
He made the office a fun place to be and was very charismatic with him co-workers.
John is not only a great worker, but also a pleasure to have around the office.
He's the kind of co-worker who makes coming into the office a joy.
John is that coworker who brightens up an office with his amazing energy.
In his office, he is a valued employee and appreciated co-worker.
As a co-worker he is a very positive influence in the office.
But he's also an extremely hard worker and was always one of the last people to leave the office.
John proved to be a very conscientious worker, always the first into the office in the morning and often the last to leave.
He is a hard worker, always one of the first in the office and willing to stay as long as needed.
John is simply a hard worker from the minute he gets in the office until he goes to bed.
He was a very hard worker and did whatever necessary to be our office leader.
He is more than just a team member or co-worker or someone in the office.
John is a great co-worker, one of the most memorable, a light in the office.
He was consistently one of the first people in the office every morning and a hard worker.
He was very friendly in the office, a hard worker, he has questions when he needed help.
He is a hard and devoted worker, and is very kind and considerate to his office-mates.
He always maintains a very good relation with co-workers and officers.
It's a hard worker never leaves his office till he finishes his job.
John is an extremely professional and organised worker, he was always the one smiling in the office.
He's a crazy hard worker, first in and last out of the office, but is still always willing to make time to help out a coworker.
He was a tireless co-worker who got the job done while always coming into the office with the humor/joy which would make it a fun office to belong in.
John also brings out the best in his co-workers and helps improve an outstanding office culture.
He is a tireless worker who doesn't stop working when he leaves the office.
He was a hard worker and would be a credit to any law office.
As a co-worker, he was very easy to get along with for all in the office, as well as with people who visited.
He truly cared about his co-workers and made the office an enjoyable place to be.
He always went the extra mile to ensure workers in the office were treated with respect and made everyone feel welcome.
John has been a great co-worker to have in the office, always wearing a smile and happy to help others.
John is a conscientious worker who always brings a smile and pleasant disposition to the office.
He is a voracious learner, incredibly hard worker, and uplifting presence in the office.
John formed lasting relationships with both clients and co-workers that went beyond the office.
John was very well respected by the office not only in his capabilities to perform his job but as a co-worker.
He always brings a positive energy to the office and is an extremely hard worker.
In addition to being a hard worker, he always brought a positive, can-do attitude to the office.
John was a recognized leader in the office and was well liked by both clients and co-workers.
John was a hard worker, independent and professional officer.
John was known around the office as someone that is a hard worker and that will always go the extra mile to get work done.
He is very intelligent and is a hard worker - he was the last one to leave the office almost every night.
John is a hard-worker who leads by example and was more often than not, the first to arrive and the last to leave the office.
His presentation was awe-inspiring, co-workers are still talking about it in the office over a month on from the launch.
He's the one who stops for donuts on the way into the office to share with the rest of him coworker's
John instead of running for his life, ran back from his office and tried to help the injured workers.
He is a relentless worker that can be found in the office all hours of the day.
His demeanor in the office was great and he is a very hard worker.
He brought a great attitude to the office every day and was always willing to help out his co-workers.
He's just a likeable guy and his co-workers would agree the office wouldn't be the same without him.
John is a hard worker, and is known as the "human encyclopedia" around the office.
As a co-worker in the office, he's easy to get along with, knowledgeable, and funny.
He is a leader in the office as well, often helping his co-workers with his expertise
John came to his office to teach a our company class to his co-workers and him.
He provides direction not only for his co-workers, but for the company.
He kept an open office door policy for anyone that had questions and was always first in the office and the last one there at night.
John worked well not only with the people on our team, but with all of his co-workers in the office.
He exceeds what are expected from him not only in recruitment but also as a co-worker in the office.
John is a hard worker too, willing to stay in the office, even into the late hours of the evening.
He's a hard worker and a pleasure to be around, and makes each day a better one in the office.
John is an excellent worker, and an integral part of the our company office.
John come to his office and do ergonomic assessments for his employees - they've contributed to health and well being in our office.
Surround him with productive co-workers and treat him right and you'll see your office throughput go through the roof.
John is a fantastic co-worker: responsible and courteous, he was a great asset to us all in the office.
John walks around the office with a smile on his face and always has time to help out a co-worker in need.
Not only is the most detail oriented worker in the office, but he's punctual, fashionable, and friendly.
Not only was he a responsible worker, he was also a lovely individual to share his office with.
John is an outstanding worker who always attempted to do his best with whatever charge he was given.
His energy was always contagious in the office and consistently found a way to brighten all of his co-workers day.
Superb team worker, his understanding of the broken back office, including our company is also very commendable
Not only did his clients adore the relationships he built, but his co-workers loved being around him in the office.
He is not only an incredibly intelligent, hard worker but a great friend to have in the office.
John is a dedicated, hard worker in the office; and a friendly presence outside of it.
John is a dedicated worker, he works well in multi-tasking office procedures.
You can learn everything from him while at work and outside the office.