Online Teacher Performance Review Phrases Examples

Online Teacher Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He also made himself available to me offline just as much as online.
John can only be described as nothing less than an online guru.
When you ask him for help, it is as if you did an online search.
John is a very approachable teacher and was always willing to answer questions after class and online.
I found him to be a great teacher with a savvy online approach.
He is always at the forefront of everything and anything new that is happening online.
John is among the best when it comes to truly "connecting" with the online consumer.
I have enjoyed following him online and know he is someone to be trusted.
I also really liked how quickly he was able to get everything up online.
John is the man to go to if you're looking for more exposure online.
John knows his online inside out, but never takes it too seriously.
John has always been well ahead of the curve in the online world.
I have known him as the most aggressive online player in online jewellery space.
John is a very good teacher and him online tutorials have helped many people.
He also is a great teacher for his strengths to teach how to succeed online.
John comes prepared and makes you think about how you want to be perceived online.
John is someone you can rely on if you want to be seen online.
Not only does he know his stuff - he knows how to get it online.
The first - he always online when you need him, he never hides.
But more so he was a great teacher to him in helping to improve the online class.
His commitment to doing as much as possible 'online' is truly inspirational.
If you have an emergency, he'll be there to get you back online right away.
He's always in the know with online trends and uses this to his advantage.
He will look after your online reputation you will be sure of that.
John has been one of the highlights of his online experience.
Affiliation is still undervalued there and we all know that online-online conversion is the most (cost) effective one.
He'll go out of his way to help people in need, both online and off.
Now, people are asking him for help because of his new online prowess.
The same drive has materialized into him endeavors as online our company teacher.