Open-Minded Performance Review Phrases Examples

Open-Minded Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He delegates well and is open minded about considering alternatives to what he had in mind in the first place.
Best of all, he is open minded and always has the best interest of his company and his people in mind.
John always has the best interest of his client in mind and always open minded and fair.
John is incredibly open-minded, but is always mindful to keep the project within scope.
He is very optimistic, an open-minded thinkers who is not afraid to say his mind.
John is open minded and keeps in mind the social aspects as well.
He is very clever, open minded, with an analytical business mind.
All in all he is there for you first with an open mind to help in any way he can.
If anything was ever on your mind, he was there to let you know his door was open.
He always kept an open mind and was always looking to take it to the next level.
He is open minded and is always willing to go above and beyond for his clients.
John is also very open minded when it comes to trying new approaches.
Finally, he is really open minded and always trying to help you.
Enthusiastic and open-minded, he's always available when needed.
John does not mind taking risks and he also doesn't mind asking for help.
John is always willing to be open-minded and had only the best for the company in mind in all decisions he made.
John is incredibly open minded and open for experimentation, getting into the unknown.
His criteria are those that are open to possibilities, open minded and forward thinking.
He keeps an open mind to the ideas of others and is always open to learn new things.
He is open to different ideas and listens to his team with an open mind.
He is open minded, prepared to be challenged and very open to feedback.
He is open-minded and open to suggestion, yet focused and firm.
He has an open mind and gave open recommendations when asked.
For sure he will let you know what's in his mind (business) but he's always been, an open minded person willing to take a look at the things you come up with.
He is open minded and he likes flying with his mind, but then he has always the capacity to come back down to earth.
He is able to look at business partners with an open mind, and he isn't afraid to say what is on his mind.
John is a very open-minded engineer who does not mind to help other persons an your company.
John always approaches a problem with an open mind and the client in mind.
He is open minded, effective, with a sharp mind and positive attitude.
Our company learner, organized, and open-minded are the first few words that come to mind when it comes to John.
Additionally, he could open your mind to things you may not have seen yet, that could impact your business.
He has an open-mind, is willing to try new things and will know when correcting course is necessary.
He will definitely turn things around for you and your business, that's if you have an open mind.
He is open-minded, always come up with new ideas/initiatives and get things done quickly.
He is very talented in what he does, open minded and always willing to help and explain.
He is very knowledgeable, yet he is always willing to learn new things (open minded).
John has always been very open minded, thorough and enthusiastic in our discussions.
He gives his best in everything he does and faces each challenge with an open mind.
He is open minded and understanding and can get along with anyone in any situation.
John is an open-minded trainer who gives all of himself when it's about training.
He comes with an open mind in any discussion and provides more than useful feedback.
John is open-minded, he is always available for his colleagues and his customers.
John is always willing to talk things through with an open and collaborative mind.
John is open minded and is capable of looking at things that are outside the box.
He then presented us with several options always asking that we keep an open mind.
His willingness to help and be open-minded to everyone around him is catching.
He's always open minded and can think out of the box which is not that common.
Understands the requirements well and also keep his mind open to anything new.
John has an open mind and he is always eager to help with any difficulties.
He not only delivers the information, but in such a way as to open the mind.
He is open minded and his experiences with him have always been exceptional.
He is very diligent and thorough, demanding, but always have an open mind.
He is always in our company with his consultants, available and very open minded.
The best thing about him is his open mind approach towards all new things.
He is not hesitant to ask for help and is open minded when help is given.
He's open minded and willing to take the risk to try something different.
He is open-minded and looks for the best possible outcome for the client.
And how to get his team to open their minds and think beyond the obvious.
Besides that, he's got an open mind for new technologies or functionality.
John makes commitments and keeps them, he is engaged and open minded.