Operational Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Operational Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

After less than six months, he was promoted to operations manager.
In summary himself/lawyers/accountants/agents/property managers could not operate without him.
This is not always an easy task, given the complexity of the operations he managed.
He always approached operational management with efficiency/improvement in mind.
Him operational and management experience would be an asset to any company.
The scope of operations he has managed has increased almost exponentially.
His capability of organisational and operational management is commendable.
He's managed startups and turnarounds as well as continuing operations.
John's last position before we sold the company was operations manager.
Highest recommendation for one of his favorite operations managers ever.
John understands the leadership, management and operational symbiosis.
He taught us how to manage operations more effectively and efficiently.
His operation is well organized and managed by the end user in mind.
He also excels at allowing those he manages to operate autonomously.
John knows all guidelines and operates them as a very smart manager.
John manages an entire operation that is very dynamic and demanding.
John knew what he wanted and continuously managed operations.
Our company top of that, he managed the European operations and personnel.
He operated credibly across all levels of our company management.
Him capability as an operations manager and a respected manager of teams makes him an excellent operational leader.
He operates with high ethics and as a result, he is quickly trusted by management and operatives alike.
He is responsible for cash flow management, risk mitigation and operation management.
For example, he is an expert in inventory management operations.
He's a top-notch operations manager, personnel manager and company player.
He is a professional manager and manages operational matters with ease.
He manages things well and can do great in all fields of operations.
John managed to quickly turn around a dire operations management situation upon joining the management team.
John has helped out company grow to the largest it has ever been while he was operations manager.
His prior experience in operations management has been very advantageous to our organization.
He operates independently, but also knows when to bring situations to management.
A lot of his brilliant ideas are still exploited by current operational managers.
John manages the operational activities successfully now already many years.
He provided strong leadership and clear guidance to the operating managers.
John's approach to operations management is both principled and practical.
John has super ability to manage global operational without any hesitation.
John really gets how to operate in a global matrix management environment.
He also took on running our operational excellence as a management group.
John manages operations in a strict way while maintaining flexibility.
John managed to literally fix an operation which was due to collapse.
He can think strategically and also manage the operational detail.
He operates independently and is a self-starter and self-managed.
His ability to manage and operate ensures lots of flexibility.
In his most recent he managed a relationship with our company, within which he operated, and this he did sublimely.
Our company few affiliate management operations reach out to you, however, John has been the exception.
He somehow manages to operate successfully despite the "organized chaos" that is our company.
John faced some tough times when he was managing our company operations.
He knows the technology very well also the operation and management of that.
He managed relationships with major operators very effectively.
His ability to manage operations, and relationships is superb
John is his peer at our company, both managing different regions of operations.
He managed the day to day operations with purpose, but was never heavy handed or saw the need to micromanage
He went on to take the role of an operations manager and excelled in that as well.
John operates with little or no supervision, and can manage his time well.
As a manager he was very effective in improving the team operations.
He managed all his organisational and operational tasks very well.
John impressed him very much with his expertise in localization, project management, and operations management.
John managed him both within operational management structures and also project frameworks.
He returned as operations manager at the request of the supplier to review and improve operational processes.
He also demanded operational excellence from all of the managers under his area of supervision.
John established and managed the operations department, which did not exist before he arrived.
John effectively managed this department to maintain the efficient operations.
It was a pleasure to manage him because it was mostly co-operative work.
He also managed the operations group in this early stage company.
His operational knowledge and management ability is excellent.
It was him organization and management skills that allowed him to manage operations as well as finances for all operations.
He knows how to operate under some very tight deadlines handed down by our management & upper-management teams.
John would take on the responsibility to manage a full operation and make sure it comes in within budget.
With an almost non-existent staff, he managed everything - from strategising to operations.
He understands and manages the operational aspects of the company as well as its strategy.
He always operated within often demanding deadlines and managed budget very effectively.
He managed his operational responsibilities and his department very well.
John knows a great deal about technology and how to manage and operate large operational organisations.
He gives his managers the flexibility to manage within some broad guidelines, but rarely involves himself in the day to day operations.
He came on board with a deep understanding of operations, visual management, and standard management.
He really is an ambassador for service management and a great operational manager to boot.
He provided him much advice and support during his role as operations manager.
He went above and beyond, always concerned with the operations and organization as a whole as if he was a manager from the beginning.
We always found him to be extremely focused and proactive in managing operational issues that came up along the way.
Outside of his main role, he took on and excelled in taking on additional duties such as managing operations.
He created and managed so many operations at the company that made everything run incredibly efficiently.
His attention to detail is second to none which makes him operational management capability outstanding.
He managed under difficult and uncertain circumstances, yet always maintained operational effectiveness.
John would be an asset to any organisation looking for an innovative but detailed operations manager.
He's adept in stakeholder management and operates successfully at all levels within an organisation.
Moreover, he has the credibility and experience to provide expert guidance to operational management.
Besides this, he has also been very professional and ethical, managing brilliantly the operation.
He knows operations extremely well, but would do well in a variety of top management positions.
John's insights regarding operations management and measurements greatly enhanced our efforts.
John manages daily operations very well and is someone who is able to bring ideas into reality.
He managed well the tension between operations and ensuring stretching commitments to the group
John brings the insight from his earlier experience in the management of an operating company.
His international exposure gives him real value when managing operations across the globe.
John brings an impressive array of operational and management techniques to his tasks.
John always displays his professionalism and sensitivity towards operational management.
His key attributes are leadership, efficiency management, and operational excellence.
John's management style is one that makes for running a smooth operation look easy.
He manages to balance the broader vision with the operational elements excepted
His thoroughness and attention to detail in the operations management was impressive.
He picked up the operations manager role quickly and added more value along the way.
He displays all of the attributes of a first class protection operator and manager.
John managed to streamline the operations and brought in a method to the madness
His vision of managing complex and successful operations is clear and concise.
He stayed on target and managed the entire operation with ease and success.
He managed his operation skillfully and with great attention to detail.
He managed to difficult operating efficiencies with grace and a smile.
He's able to manage multi task operations at the very complex levels.
He can assume a challenge such as manage a new operation and company.
He is a good manager and able to operate in complex environments
As a self managed operator he proved him worth time after time.
He is a self manager and operates with a high level of trust.
He is an excellent manager and was able to deliver change whilst managing operational goals and targets.
John is his operations manager at our company and he is very experienced person and a brilliant manager.
John can operate at both a strategic and operational level and was highly regarded by himself and his management team.
He did multiple roles very effectively, right from operations for relationship management.
He did this through improving operational management and expanding the customer base.
He manages priorities with the operations and the clients needs in an optimal way.
He managed the operations of for one of our largest accounts.
Regardless of the pressure of having to manage multiple operators he is calm while executing and managing with excellence
He managed all with great consideration to operational effectiveness and strategic people management disciplines.
He always keeps his operations buttoned up and is the mother hen to any team he manages.
John managed the operation and team extremely well under usual difficult circumstances.
John helps the team to operate more efficiently as a manager.
He managed our our company operation and provided great leadership to the team.
John could easily switch gears from project management to the daily operations manager
During that time, he also managed several other client operations and relationships.
John improved our operation in several areas including supply chain management, sourcing, and overall operations.
John demonstrated several positive characteristics that made operation within this small space much more manageable.
His understanding of governance and operations management is second to none, and his integrity is unimpeachable.
John constantly exceeds expectation with his hands on approach to operations management.
His company, under his management, continually operates with impeccability and integrity.
Throughout this he operated at the highest level, working directly with upper management.
John is a focused manager who keeps his department operating efficiently and effectively.
John operates with integrity and manages all his candidates with openness and honesty.
He is capable of working and influencing both at management and operational level.
He comes highly recommended for managing complex and sensitive operational areas.
It was possible due to his deep knowledge and background in operational management.
He managed huge operation, various challenges, department income on best way.
His operational lab was immaculate, well structured, and well managed.
Our company one has more integrity than John in managing a cable operation.
This also makes him extremely well in managing operations as well as projects.
Him management, co-operation and feedback during these projects were great.
His goal was to teach him how to successfully manage our company operations.
In his spare time, he also managed our books and much of our corporate operations.
John assembled and effectively managed a very successful operation.
John is an excellent leader and is superior in organizing and managing operations.
John managed his operations carefully and was well respected by the restaurant managers who reported to him.
John earned his respect because he could perform most of the functions and operations that he directly managed.
John is very good at managing the budget and he is always looking out innovative ways to improve the operations.
He gives us the peace of mind, we need to confidently focus on operations while he manages the books.
John no only maintained the day to day operations, but also managed our weekly deployments.