Operations Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Operations Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John was the operations manager.
John is an outstanding general manager and operations manager.
He is also very well-versed in operations management, workflow management, and service level management.
John has been managing his operation as if this would have been his own company.
If more managers operated like him things would get done much more efficiently.
John has been an understanding and cooperative manager.
He worked on several operations under my management.
John was well respected by both his direct manager, as well as the senior management of the operation.
Furthermore, he challenged his managers to use these metrics to aggressively manage their operations.
Very responsible manager to fulfil any management and operation position.
John is a manager who seamlessly combines excellent people management with operational management.
John strengths are financial management, relationship management, and operations.
He knows very well on what he is doing and what he need for the operations.
I have always found him analytical & troubleshooter in operations management.
He was very much regarded by managers and operators, as well as other crew.
John is one of the best program/project managers in our operations team.
Collaboration with mine operations and senior managers was exceptional.
John is very knowledgeable in infrastructure operations and management.
John was also responsible for managing several people in the operation.
John knows how to manage operations with an entrepreneurial spirit.
When it comes to your operations, facilities, and management needs.
I found him very cooperative and supportive as operations manager.
John is both an excellent strategist and operational manager.
We can really rely on him for operational and management issues.
John is one of the best operations manager that worked with me.
I found him to be extremely co-operative, responsible manager.
John is systematic and pragmatic in managing his operations.
John is very down to earth, humble and co-operative manager.
His management of both sales and operations was excellent.
I learned so much about managing the operations from him.
I would endorse him in any management or operational role.
He managed one of the largest operations in the company.
He operates effectively with management at all levels.
John is very effective at managing, growing operations.
Him time and operation management is second to none.
He is very co-operative, good relationship manager.
John made it relatively easy to manage operations at our company.
John was my operational manager in my first year in our company.
John is a manager I would always be pleased to co-operate.
John was seconded to manage the our company operations.
He has also managed implementations successfully and that demonstrates his operation management capability.
His interpersonal management style is non-invasive, and him overall operations management is unmatched.
I would recommend him for any position of people management or operations management in this regard.
John is an exceptional people manager, operations manager and change agent.
During this time John worked for me as an operations manager and service manager.
John was phenomenal at managing this difficult and demanding partner, serving both as operations manager and incident manager.
He helped us to manage our operating costs and to operate more efficiently.
John was operations manager over one of many things, but the data program.
I have seen how he operates on the inside of his operation, he is the real deal.
He does his research so that he knows everything about their operation.
I'm definitely looking forward to another fruitful co-operation.
I can say that the cooperation between him and me is excellent.
John was an effective operations geologist for our operations.
John is very co-operative and always willing to help others.
I must say that his help in our co-operations was inestimable.
Challenging others and himself is part of his way to operate.
John operates effectively between strategy and operation.
John is everything you could want in an operational leader.
He learned the operation from the ground up in operations.
He is always looking for improvements in the operation.