Operations Team Leader Performance Review Phrases Examples

Operations Team Leader Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is a true technical leader and operator that knows how to get the most out of his team.
John focuses heavily on the need to operate as a team, with team achievement instead of individual recognition.
He is the kind of leader who really inspires teams, a leader who people can get behind.
A good leader empowers people in his team and turns them into potential leaders.
He is also very engaged in the operations and made sure that he is accessible to the team.
John is one of those people you always want on your team because he will never let you or the team down.
Many people on the team as well as on other teams got along with him.
John and his team are by the far better team to get the job done.
He is a strong leader and his teams were successful in meeting their operational goals.
John is an exceptional leader of people with tremendous insight into what makes an effective team and how to get the most out of that team.
He is a team leader and masterfully connects his team with other departments for the best possible outcome.
He is a great team builder and leader as well as a true team player.
John's teams always performed incredibly well and were highly motivated - this says as much about the leader as the team.
As a team leader, he was very giving of his experience to his team members.
I see him as an effective team member and excellent team leader as well.
A person who has always stood by teams; not only his own team but also extended teams.
He is the kind of leader that is truly dedicated to his team and will always have their back.
He would be an asset to any team and is well on his way to becoming an excellent leader.
John is the kind of leader that gives his team and others around him added confidence.
John was truly a thoughtful and committed leader who was always there to help his team.
He is an active leader with his teams and is always available to help when needed.
He is also an excellent team leader, well respected and liked by his colleagues.
John is an inspirational leader and very respected by his team and colleagues.
He's the kind of leader you really want to follow because he serves his team.
John is also an excellent leader as his team seems to share this dedication.
John is an excellent leader and would definitely be an asset to any team.
John has always had the respect of his team as a dedicated leader.
He's also an inspiring leader that prioritizes growth of his team.
He is respected leader who had the confidence of his entire team.
John is the kind of team leader you want to involve in your deal.
As a team leader, he pushed to get the best out of his team, to make him brands win.
I found his team to be the most 'engaged' team in the whole organization.
John is an inspirational leader who makes teams better; whether or not "leader" is his official title or role.
His team was the most well-defined, well-organized and well-operating within our company.
He was and will be a welcome addition to any team in many areas of operations.
John was one of the most versatile members of the global operations team.
He is a co-operative attitude justify his commitment towards his team.
He is cognizant of his team and operational position at all times.
He is able to motivate his team to have them operate effectively.
John is an inspiring leader and is very successful at motivating both his direct team, and those outside of his team.
John is an excellent team member and team leader, focussed on delivering his objectives.
His team looks up to him and he is committed to making his team successful.
He was definitely an asset to my team and to the team he supervised.
He functioned well as a team leader, and he also worked effectively as a team member under the direction of other team leaders.
A really highly respected leader of his team and able to operate up and down the hierarchy whilst trying to cut through all the politics.
John operate both as a team player and a leader and found him to be exceptionally competent in both roles.
He operated energetically within a high-pressure team, both on his own and as a leader.
Our customers were very satisfied with him as an individual, team leader and the whole team.
He is a fantastic team leader with a very collaborative and team-oriented style.
He is a true leader, a team player, and an asset to any team.
He is always learning and willing to become an even more effective leader of leaders.
He also took over the communication with the other operational teams.
He operates with integrity and expects the same from his team.
John was an important leader in the turnaround and advancement of our operation.
John sets a clear direction for his team and boundaries for the team to operate within.
John is a great team player and team leader and always takes time to consider the needs of his colleagues and fellow team members.
John is one of those leaders to whom other leaders seek in times of pressure.
John is a leader who grows others to become leaders in their own areas.
John is an authentic leader who sets the bar for other leaders.
As a team leader, he keeps his teams focused and minimizes the low value activity that robs teams of momentum and delays results.