Opinionated Performance Review Phrases Examples

Opinionated Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Importantly, these are not just his opinions, but the opinions of everyone here who has worked with him.
John always has his own opinion, but he is also listening to the opinions of other people.
That's not only his opinion, but the opinion as well of the company's other leadership.
He's willing to help those that need it, and is willing to listen to others opinions.
John is, in his opinion; someone you would definitely wish to have on your team.
The best thing about him was that he took him seriously and valued his opinion.
In his opinion, he is the best at what he does and there is no one like him.
John would always brief the team about the changes and take their opinion
John, in his opinion, is one of those who does everything to completion.
John always voices out his opinions and has an opinion about many topics.
He is fierce in his opinion, yet willing to accommodate other opinions.
Sometimes he comes back and gives his opinion on how to do it better.
He is always willing to consider the opinions of his subordinates.
In his opinion, there is no more you could ask for in an executive.
In our opinion, he has gone way beyond and above our expectations.
This is something that needs to be focused on more in his opinion.
He is always available to help and provides his honest opinion.
He is someone you can always go to for new ideas and opinions.
All of which makes him extremely useful indeed, in his opinion.
In his opinion, he is truly one of the very best in the field.
Much better than he gives himself credit for, in his opinion.
John often had an opinion - without being opinionated - quite a skill.
He makes himself available to help others, and is not shy about expressing his opinion, and that opinion is nearly always helpful.
In his opinion, sometimes the best coach is the one that knows to just let those who know what they are doing, do it.
If you are serious about your career and are willing to invest in yourself, you can't do better in his opinion.
He seems to know everyone and everything that is going on, and has well formed opinions on the consequences.
He always seems to know the right questions to ask and always has an opinion on what needs to be done.
He is known for going out of his way to help others and isn't afraid to express his opinion.
He always has his own opinion (whatever be the subject) and way of doing things differently.
John clearly has a passion for what he does, and does it much better than most in his opinion.
He is never afraid to give opinions and also always willing to take in opinions as well.
And in his opinion the most important thing is he knows how to do this while having fun.
He is not afraid to tell you his opinion, and more often than not he is right on point.
John is always willing to share his opinions and got along well with with coworkers.
He says he wants to make this world better, in his opinion he's already doing that.
In his opinion, we would not have been nearly as successful without his contributions.
Without any doubts, everyone who has already worked with him, has the same opinion.
John is on the ball, listened well, got on with things and had his own opinions.
But although he had much more experience than us our opinion was always welcomed.
He always gives his straight opinion, even if he knows it may not be popular.
Think about that, how many people do that these days, not enough in his opinion.
In his opinion, we have never compensated him enough for what he's accomplished.
Though he has opinions, and he's not afraid to use them, he knows his audience.
It is this passion for our company that makes him one of the best in his opinion.
There was no topic he didn't know about or where his opinion was not valuable.
He goes above and beyond and always gives you his unbiased opinion and advice.
He does not do that by himself as he also seeks opinions from his colleagues.
And everything in his reputation indicates that this opinion is well-earned.
John has provided him with recommendations and opinions on various projects.
He knows what he's doing and is not afraid to let you know his real opinion.
John is always available and, more importantly in his opinion, approachable.
He is very opinionated, and certainly someone whose advice you want to hear.
He is always honest with his opinions on what would be best for the brand.
Moreover, he is forthcoming with his opinions without being overbearing.
He always has something to say, an opinion, knowledge, that will help you.
John is always there to listen and if you ask for his opinion he gives it.
He will value your opinions and will always back you up in case of crises.
He really wanted to know everyone's opinions and he valued those opinions.
He knew when and how to say things and asked everybody about his opinion.
John is very thorough and in his opinion always strives to an end result.