Organizational Development Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Organizational Development Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I was immediately impressed with his expertise in organizational development and his understanding of leadership development.
His expertise in organizational development has been especially valuable.
He is well-versed in organizational and leadership development.
I will forever appreciate the development he provided for both our clients and for me as a consultant.
John was an example to us all, an organization development consultant par excellence.
John has been a large influence and contributor to my development as an independent developer and consultant.
I happily recommend him to anyone looking for a leadership and organizational development consultant or employee.
John is an energetic and excellent consultant with well developed ideas and contacts.
I consulted him to rethink my entrepreneurial approach and develop my ideas.
John is a dedicated and experienced our company developer and consultant.
John makes the concept of organizational development come to life.
We hired him to develop him into the role as learning consultant.
He not only knows how to find great candidates, but also look at overall organizational development.
John has also been valuable as a guide for our own organizational development.
He has tremendous potential to contribute to organizational development.
I am sure he will continue to develop into a fantastic well-rounded consultant.
The development of consultants has been high on his list of priorities.
John developed an excellent rapport with not only his consultants, but also any candidate he spoke with.
John was hired by our company as a consultant to establish fundamental changes in how we develop.
I would often consult him for advice on how to steer our company's future development efforts.
He has developed progressively over the years and is a great consultant now.
John is an exceptional consultant with an unparalleled insight for organizational redesign.
He has a passion for what he does and it shows in every organizational development opportunity.
His insight into problem solving in organizational development is exceptional.
I value his leadership development and organizational change expertise.
He has the ability to understand ones strengths and areas for development to make you a better consultant.
For the second, he was a consultant for curriculum guideline development and implementation.
I strongly recommend him to any career development or consulting opportunities.
John was one of my early mentors in the organizational consulting world.
I could always consult with him all kinds of team development activities.
John is among the most graceful and talented consultants in organization development.
He also eagerly pitched in to help developers when they found themselves 'in the weeds' as consultants inevitably do.
He has been an excellent role model for me and has helped develop me as a consultant.
I have consulted him often on best software development principles and paradigms.
His reputation in consulting and software development is unsurpassed.
He listens well, communicates well, and does what needs to be done when it comes to organizational development.
John's role was to train and develop all of the consultants within the group.
John will be sorely missed for his leadership, organizational know how and people development.
John has always taken pride in developing people and boosting organizational growth.
He has a passion for organizational and people development that is infectious.
John's passion for organizational development, especially the psycho-dynamics of organizational work, is unparalleled.
I also recommend bringing him onto any company as a consultant for organizational needs.
John is a highly professional leadership development consultant.
He was assigned to the project as the main developer and consultant.
John proactively anticipates organizational needs and develops recommendations to address these needs.
I highly recommend him to anyone who would like to develop a vision of their organizational future.
John would be an asset to any company with new or existing organizational development needs.
His contribution to the organizational development of the our company site was critical.
John is passionate about facilitating change, and developing himself and others, and this is evident through his consulting assignments.
He has developed; progressed and closed some of the largest consulting engagements in the company's history.
John is passionate about employee development and organizational improvement.
John is a top notch executive with successful results in organizational consulting and organizational development environments.
John has developed a reputation without peer in the treasury consulting space.
John won't will collaborate and consult with you to make sure the right solution is developed rather than merely taking orders from the vendor.
John is truly an outstanding leadership and organizational development professional.
John's strategies were always considered and developed through strong consultation with his team.
John provided consulting to my team on mission critical development efforts.
I found his insight and organizational observations to be invaluable to me in my career development.
John was brilliant in his work as a consultant and curriculum developer.
He pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions and tries to capture the essence of your requests in development.