Outbound Sales Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Outbound Sales Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has helped me to become one of the top sales representatives in the company today.
John was always extremely responsive and helpful to me as a sales representative.
John is an exceptional sales representative who consistently exceeds quota.
He is a great sales representative who believes in what he sells.
He has proven to be a focused, dedicated sales representative.
John is the kind of sales representative you'll want to hire and keep.
John was also extraordinarily helpful, taking the time to help other sales representatives, like myself.
John represents the embodiment of corporate sales excellence.
His desire is to make each sales representative successful and contribute to the overall success of any company.
He was always in the top percentile of sales representatives and understands how to achieve results.
John is a wonderful representative of his company in a sales capacity.
John represented our company on the sale of a difficult asset.
John was brought in replacing the initial sales representative that was assigned to us by his company as they were making adjustments in sales coverage.
John exhibits many qualities of an excellent sales representative.
John in a very short period of time grew from someone with very little familiarity in sales, to one of our best representatives.
Our sales representatives, without exception, raved about his easy rapport with clients.
He has been diligent in his sales efforts and has always represented his employer in a positive light.
His dedication to representing our products really helped our sales efforts.
I have not seen many sales representatives that care about their clients as much as he does.
His sales efforts and initiatives reflect his innate outbound nature.