Outside Sales Rep Performance Review Phrases Examples

Outside Sales Rep Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has successfully placed several sales reps with me over the past few years.
John was available to every sales rep for any closing meeting(s).
If sales reps use his approach, there is no doubt in my mind that each individual's sales numbers will rise.
John moved from pre-sales to a quota carrying sales rep role.
I highly recommend him, to those looking for something more than "just another sales rep.
John is a tenacious sales rep that really knows how to not take no for an answer.
He goes the extra mile for his sales reps and doesn't take no for an answer.
I certainly believe he has what it takes, to make a great sales rep.
I can only say whoever gets him will have just found their best rep.
John is probably the most hardworking and passionate sales rep you will ever meet.
He constantly puts his rep needs before his own, and goes above and beyond to make sure we have all the tools we need to succeed as sales reps.
John is phenomenal sales rep and has tremendous closing abilities on the sales call.
John valued his inside sales reps and the job they did for him.
I've watched many sales reps grow to be very successful under his leadership.
John is one of those rare sales reps who can both outwork and outthink you.
John is an excellent sales rep who always found a way to achieve his targets.
He knew when to challenge sales reps, and when to give them some space.
As a manager, he ensures that his sales reps use the same approach.
He's always going out of his way to help other reps around him so that everyone succeeds.
John is always positive and wants only the best for him reps.
He is very sales focused and are highly trusted and respected by the sales reps that work with him.
He was our top sales rep and knew the space like the back of his hand.
John is the kind of sales rep that you look forward to working with.
John is one of those hungry sales reps and highly motivated and smart sales reps that take a territory by storm.
In an enthusiastic way he shows you how to find pleasure in being a sales rep.
His ability to turn new hires into champion sales reps is remarkable.
John is a great example of what a sales rep wants to become and keep striving for.
He has a true passion for sales and doing what it takes to help his reps succeed.
John is a responsive and dedicated sales rep who is very driven and gets results.
John sales reps had many take away that helped them overcome complex scenarios.
He started as a seasoned outside sales rep and progressed upwards from there.
John has also trained many successful sales reps for our company.
He is also always available for him reps and will help them through any challenges they may face.
John's not one to stray away from getting in the trenches with his reps.
I would recommend him to anyone lucky enough to have him as their rep.
He never asked anything of his reps that he would not do himself.
During the sales process, he was always there to help me and advocate on my behalf, but never 'pestered' like some sales reps can.
He is a persistent sales rep who knows how to move a prospect through the sales process.
In addition to being the first sales rep, he was consistently one of our top performers.
As a sales rep, he has the ability to perform well under pressure.
He would always go above and beyond for his sales reps and would do whatever it takes to help get deals across the finish line.
At sales meetings he would ask pertinent questions to each rep to help us assess our deals.
John was always willing to help and mentor me in areas that made me a stronger sales rep.
He was the founder of the five brilliant basics of sales structure among our reps.
He thought strategically and not quarter to quarter like many sales reps.
John is one of the hardest working sales reps in the entire division.