Outstanding Performance Review Phrases Examples

Outstanding Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

That would have been outstanding by itself, but he then went much further.
The references that we have taken up for him have always been outstanding.
John cannot be described as nothing less than an outstanding professional.
John goes over and beyond to help others and an outstanding headhunter.
John's is an outstanding person, and consequently an outstanding leader.
What he did with the little data that we provided him, was outstanding.
He is outstanding at what he does and always available to help out.
He'll do everything he can to make sure your results are outstanding.
This had nothing to do with his performance, which was outstanding.
John has the ability to take what is there and make it outstanding.
His rapport with each and every one of these has been outstanding.
That, to him, is above and beyond and provides outstanding service.
He has his own style of doing things which were quite outstanding.
Hovnanian and always found his professionalism to be outstanding.
His commitment to what he does and how he does, it is outstanding.
His knowledge and know-how can only be described as outstanding.
Ask anyone and they'll tell you he's an outstanding engineering.
John does outstanding our company and is an outstanding person.
He always provided outstanding help to him and our customers.
Aside from being an outstanding person, he is always willing to go above and beyond to get things done right.
He has an outstanding ability to not only do what needs to be done, but to go above and beyond expectations.
Milligram is an outstanding individual who goes above and beyond for anyone who is in need of his services.
He will also make sure to get the best out of you and those who need to deliver outstanding ideas.
John is always looking for the best possible outcome, and is outstanding at what he does.
He has gone above and beyond what we expected and the results so far have been outstanding.
His clients have always come first and the solutions he has provided have been outstanding.
John's professional successes are outstanding, but just as outstanding is his personality.
He is always willing to help others and will only sign on if he can do an outstanding job.
Wherever he's going he will be an outstanding acquisition and will make the difference.
John is an outstanding partner and definitely someone you want to have in your corner.
Thank you for all you have done for him and his business and keep up the outstanding our company.
If you are looking for our company with someone with these and many more outstanding qualities.
John is one of the very few leaders who are outstanding in both the what and the how.
John has been an outstanding individual which whom you can share outstanding ideas.
John, you have been outstanding for our company with and so many of us wish you were staying.
If you want something done, it gets done and the quality of the our company is outstanding.
He is well liked by all within the company and is known as an outstanding performer.
John is an outstanding human being who always does his best to help another person.
John has always been one call away from him and his follow-up has been outstanding.
He always makes himself available too, which means he provides outstanding support.
John is outstanding at getting things done and making it appear as if it is easy.
Excited to see where he goes next and the outstanding contributions he will make.
He is one of those outstanding individuals who gets the best of those around him.
John has always been outstanding in the support he has provided to his business.
The most outstanding thing about him was his willingness to help others succeed.
John has many outstanding abilities which makes him very different from others.
John is an outstanding example of all that's best in the commodities industry.
He has done several projects for him and he has always done outstanding our company.
John's relationship with his own customers, inside and outside is outstanding.
He always followed up with him and provided outstanding customer satisfaction.
He is outstanding with follow up, whether it was with him or with the client.
He is enthusiastic about everything he does and truly an outstanding agent.
John is an outstanding professional who always follows through with requests.
He is not just outstanding at what he is doing, but also how he treats people.
He follows up, provides outstanding service and does what he says he will do.
Thanks for all your support throughout his process, you have been outstanding.
He does whatever is necessary to do an outstanding job in all that he does.
John is an outstanding engineer and knows how to get the most out of his team.
He's willing to help others is outstanding, besides, he is an excellent person.
John is an outstanding individual that will always help in any way possible.