Packaging Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Packaging Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John came up with suggestions and solved the design and packaging problems.
John was brilliant, really happy with the packaging design he delivered.
John designed a metrics package that was exactly what we needed.
John launched many new coffee blends with new packaging designs.
John has a background in packaging design and sustainability.
He's an incredibly talented designer, too - really, the whole package.
John is state-of-the-art when it comes to packaging & design.
His creativeness and understanding of packaging design makes him a valuable asset to any design group.
John did our label and package design and as already expected, we are more than happy with the outcome.
He can take any kind of item and design the most incredible packaging for it.
He did a great design for our package and its selling very well everywhere.
His expertise in licensing, trend, packaging and design is outstanding.
During his time with us he created many imaginative packaging designs for our company.
His many talents include, design, package design, illustration and art direction.
We are a start-up and he designed all of our packaging for our new brands.
He linked the visual design to our design packaging for a clean, elegant on-shelf appearance.
He would be a strong asset to anyone who needs help with graphics and package designs.
His knowledge of packaging and machinery where a tremendous help in the start up process of new packaging designs.
He's the whole package - he gets user interaction, design, copy, tech.
We were given the opportunity to rebrand and design the packaging and for his nutraceutical line.
With both design and construction experience, he is the complete package.
John possesses an incredible knowledge of many different facets of design, not only online and multimedia design, but also package and traditional print design.
From needs assessment, to designing, to implementing and facilitating, he is the full package.
He's the full package from vision, design, implementation, and evaluation.
He created new sponsorship packages and designed the solicitation materials.
Our company's brand image and packaging have transformed behind his designs.
From packaging to logo design, he is great at branding on many levels.
Each and every design package that he provides are true works of art.
John did an excellent job in creating a package design for him.
Moreover, he has demonstrated his ability to package his designs and document them for reuse.
We often times have to make multiple changes in structures when doing pharmaceutical package design, which he is very understanding.
John's got a great eye for design, whether it be on an email, package or tv screen.
John's artwork for comic books, toy design, and toy packaging is the best there is.
In a nutshell, he is a complete designer package a company would like to have.
He comes with much hands on experience in brand expression and packaging design.
He also adapted the design to be used with retail packaging and it turned out perfectly.
He designed a package that was cost-effective and tailored to our needs.
He designed the lighting packages to match the color schemes and the decor of the homes.
His work included the logo, wrapping designs and all packaging artwork.
His eye for packaging design and transforming our brand identity is especially unique.
John puts a great package together for him to design and establish his brand.
Our company John to help evaluate some package designs against a brand brief.
Not only that, he raised our company's understanding of package design and testing standards.
Mykhalio and his team have helped us on several packaging design projects.