Participation Performance Review Phrases Examples

Participation Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

We would like to thank him again for the participation.
All participants have said they got something out of it and found it to be worthwhile.
What impressed me was that he did all this as being one of the participants.
Everything he is involved with is better for his participation.
He went above and beyond to provide value to the participants.
You made sure that everyone had the opportunity to participate.
There was something that was learned from every participant.
I will definitely participate again in one of his sessions.
We look forward to the continued value from that participation.
He also followed up with participants after the seminar.
He was well liked and respected by all the participants.
I have seen he always encouraged others to participate.
He was very well received by those who participated.
Looking forward to participating in more conferences.
I appreciate his participation in the conference.
The participants were much more than satisfied.
Feedback was great from all our participants.
He challenges you to think and participate.
He is positive and willing to participate.
John was the perfect course participant.
I participated in several of those events.
The participants were very complimentary.
I have participated with him in Vistage.
John had good rapport with all the course participants and went out of his way to look after the needs of some overseas participants.
Inevitably something seems to go wrong either technically, or a participant doesn't want to participate.
John keeps you more than interested in what he has to say by almost enticing you into participating.
John was very enthusiastic about it and once again inspired me as well as other participants.
John has been very thorough following up with every participant and matching all the deadlines.
John is very compassionate and knows how to draw out the best in each and every participant.
He truly understands what the participants are going through in this particular class.
He went above and beyond to help us meet the needs and interests of our participants.
John is always willing to help and is an asset to any team with which he participates.
I look forward to benefiting from his participation again in the very near future.
The participants went away with new techniques to use in their workplace.
I will look forward to participating in more of his experiments in the future.
Feedback from participants in his session has been nothing but positive.
He expertly creates rapport with participants and between participants.
Your conference will be immeasurably better through him participating.
He will do well in any enterprise in which he chooses to participate.
He was always available to participate in workshops and collaborate.
John's expertise in what the participants need and want is right on.
He is truly an asset to any organization with which he participates.
John can actually do it for you (with your participation, of course).
John brings out the best in every participant in his training.
He made sure each and every objective of each participant is met.
He interacts well with his audience and gets them to participate.
I have participated in many of his customized seminars/workshops.
He encouraged participation throughout, so you didn't get bored.
You involved everyone and got participation in your discussions.
John provides truly transformative experiences for participants.
John still remembers me and my participation in his classes.
He added value to all of the other participants in attendance.
I believe they will participate in more events as they arise.
And he mingled with many of the participants after his talk.
He is always available for participants and colleagues alike.
I look forward to being an active participant in this group.
His programs are engaging and allow everyone to participate.
He will make your event come alive for all the participants.
He would be an asset to any team on which he participates.
John was one of the most active participants in this group.