Partner Performance Review Phrases Examples

Partner Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He also knows how to truly partner with resellers/business partners.
John always goes above and beyond when it comes to partnering.
John makes you feel like you're the only partner even though he has many other partners to manage.
He has often gone above-and-beyond to help both him and his partner with our next steps.
He will get things done, get them done right and be your partner the whole our company.
John is someone you would always want to have as your partner and on your team.
There are clients, and then there are partners and he is definitely a partner.
And if you want someone whose value is through the roof - he's your partner.
John is one of the best partners you could ever wish to have on your side.
We have partnered with him in the past and will do so again in the future.
John is a detailed partner, who goes all his way out to help his partners.
John will do well for himself and for anyone that he partners with.
He is always there for his partners and goes out of the way to help them.
He is quite willing to partner with him wherever and whenever possible.
In this way, he knows how to get the most out of him partner agencies.
John impressed with his knowledge of how to 'partner' with partners.
John is his partner in the program, but he was more than a partner.
John understands how to partner and how to help partners make money.
John is very well known and liked among colleagues and partners.
John is always looking to partner to get it right for the customer.
It is never about the sale, but about what is best for his partner.
However, he does this very well and it makes partners reciprocate.
John will do what is right for the organization and its partners.
John will be your best partner if you are looking for new opportunities
John goes up and beyond for his clients as well as him partners.
John is well-liked both by him inside partners and his clients.
If he can't do it himself, he knows who to partner with who can.
Ask any of us who have partnered with him or any of his clients.
John goes out of the way to help, partner to get things done.
John is one of those partners who really makes the difference.
He is always available and in the trenches with his partners.
He has always come through for him and stands by his partners.
John knows how to get it done for his customers and partners.
He has always followed up with him, his clients and partners.
John has always been his go to partner for all things our company.
John is always transparent, which makes partnering with him so beneficial to not only to his organization but also his partners.
John has always been there when we needed him and provides him partners everything they need to be successful.
But you also want to have him on every team you partner with, so you know they'll get things done for you, too.
He has always been there for his teammates to help however he can along with our customers and partners.
He will be there when you really need him and he'll be your partner in solving what needs to be solved.
John is always looking for any way he can to both help our customers, partners and our organization.
We have partnered on several deals and everything he said he would do, he has always done very well.
John always knows what he needs to accomplish and what his partners are trying to accomplish.
He has done the same for him as well as introduced him to some of his partners around the country.
Most importantly, he was always willing to share with partners and to help partners up to speed.
He very clearly articulates the value proposition of partnering from the partner's perspective.
He always made sure that he got the best for his partner while not compromising his employer.
John has always been thorough, knowledgeable, and available to partner with for solutions.
He works well with other partners and knows when and where to go for outside resources.
John is an excellent partner with him and he was always willing to help out as needed.
He follows up with what he says he will do and really knows his channel partners well.
John has been an incredible partner and teacher whenever we have partnered on projects.
John does this by doing the right thing for the client and partners that are involved.
John goes above and beyond to accommodate the needs of himself and business partners.
John himself is one and it has been wonderful to have him as his recruiting partner.
John is very appreciated by everyone on his team, but also by all the partners.
Highly recommend anyone to partner with him as this is someone you want on your side.
John is always willing to help anyone, very proactive and an excellent partner.
John has been one of those partners that were truly engaging as a strategic partner.
He is one of those partners you really look forward to seeing and working with more.