Partnership Performance Review Phrases Examples

Partnership Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He was always looking out for what was best for the partnership.
I am certainly looking forward to even more partnership.
He knows how to partnership and get the most out of the organization.
We were all the better for his contributions and partnership.
We look forward to more partnerships with him in the future.
He treated our partnership just as that, a partnership.
John has brought so much more to our partnership.
He has always been very fair with our partnership.
I look forward to our next partnership opportunity.
I value both his partnership and his friendship.
Proper partnership, that's what this is about.
I am very excited with this new partnership.
Our partnership has always been fruitful.
Thank you for your continued partnership.
He truly contributed to the partnership.
Working with him is truly a partnership.
John always inspires me to be more and do more-thank you for your support and partnership.
I really appreciate his expertise and recommendations over the course of our partnership.
Here's looking forward to more collaborative partnership in the near future.
Members of both organisations have been benefited through this partnership.
I appreciate his partnership and look forward to his continued success.
I look forward to expanding our partnership with them to new heights.
I look forward to the continued partnership that we have established.
He's someone who is really looking to solve problems in partnership.
I truly appreciate his partnership, professionalism and helpfulness.
It became, in time, more than collaboration, more than a partnership.
I appreciate their partnership and am grateful to have found them.
I learned much from him, and will always remember our partnership.
I am looking forward to the continued success of our partnership.
I look forward to many more years of partnership and friendship.
I have really appreciated our partnership over these two years.
John is innovative when it comes to partnerships and products.
John is somebody who truly understands the term "partnership".
I enjoy our interactions together and appreciate partnership.
He was always ready to try new partnership opportunities.
His partner during this transformation was exemplary.
I thoroughly enjoy our partnership with him and his team.
Clients value his inputs and publishers his partnership.
John is an example of partnership and customer centric.
We have gained new partnerships as well as new clients.
He is partnership focused in everything that he does.
I'm truly grateful for his partnership and dedication.
John is very passionate about partnership marketing.
He goes all out to make our partnership a success.
He understands the value of strategic partnerships.
I would strongly recommend him for any partnership.
John is very thorough and creates a partnership.
I continue to value his partnership and friendship.
John truly understands the meaning of partnership.
I value him partnership and constant collaboration.
He is dedicated to the partnership he is driving.
I value him partnership and professionalism highly.
Him partnership is invaluable to our organization.
We were very pleased with his partnership with us.
He also genuine partnerships with his colleagues.
Thank you for the great support and partnership.
John epitomizes excellence in partnerships.
His clients value his input and partnership.
He has negotiated partnerships on my behalf.
John truly lived the spirit of partnership.